10 Best and Worst Places to Celebrate New Years 2016

New Year is almost here and when the day finally arrives you are going to want to end this year or start the next year with a bang and make it memorable. For some people out there this year has been a great year in terms of success. It could be that your business has been profitable this year of that your startup was launched this year. It could be anything. The point is that all you need is an excuse to celebrate the New Year and you also need a great place to celebrate it. So we have done the planning for you and made a list of the 10 best and worst places to celebrate New Years 2016.


A lot of time and effort has gone into this article and we have based the cities of America according to a criteria that comprises of many factors like entertainment value, food and tickets as well as lodging expense. All these things taken into consideration we have found the best and worst places for you to spend the New Year’s eve. You could spend this event alone but that is not recommended. It is always fun to have someone by your side on the ride. You could take that special someone or just take your friends.

If you want to celebrate your startup success then it would be great to get together the founders on this special day or if you have been in the business for a while and had a great year then you could take your team for a great holiday. No matter what the case is new year is something that you should cherish and make memorable.


These were the 10 best and worst places to celebrate New Years 2016. Take this as a guide to decide where you want to be on the big day and with whom you are going to be spending New Year’s eve.

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