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10 Best Web Design Software October 2015

No matter what your line of work is if it is IT related you need to be on top of the trends and updates. Though this may seem impossible you have to try in order to stay in tune with changing times. I myself cannot absorb everything new that comes out each month. But i do keep track of what is going around in the world. In this article we cover 10 Best Web Design Software October 2015.


01. Greenkeeper


Greenkeeper helps you take care of your dependencies in a better way. It updates them regularly and notifies you when it fails. This is free for open source project and paid if not. This is a web design software by the same team that came up with Hoodie.

02. Stylesheets


This is a collection of CSS resources and the great thing is that it is community oriented. That means that anyone can view it, add to it and like it so that other people know how useful it was. Looking for something related to CSS? You will find it here. There are numerous tips, trick and tutorials that have been submitted by the CSS community members from around the globe.

03. Iconsfeed


If you are looking for icon inspiration then this one is for you. Here you will find thousands of icons that have actually been taken from published applications. This way you know that the design actually works.

04. BoxBox


A modern day design tool that is aimed at satisfying the needs of UI/UX designers. This product is still being developed at the moment but you can still sign up for it in order to get an early access.

05. Quill


AImed at replacing tools you use away from your work desk. This is an application that will allow you to sketch and draw and share your creations with other people.

06. Blur Like Jony

Blur Like Jony

Just as the name suggests this is a filter that allows you to blur your images according to your needs.

07. Folio


This is a tool aimed at letter designers do version control in a way never seen before.

08. FLIF


FLIF is a lossless image format that claims to be smaller than other image format sizes. FLIF also works well with all kinds of content. So no matter what the image is FLIF is the best format for it to be in.

09. End the Echo

End the Echo

We take inspiration from a site that has taken it from a similar site and the chain goes on and on. We end up making the same site as other people until everything on the web looks the same. End the Echo aims to change that. Check this out if you want the inspiration to make something new and not just copy something cool you saw online.

10. Cursorio


Provide four different cursors all of which you can drag and drop into photoshop to make what you wanted to. You no longer need to Google a cursor image.

These were the 10 Best Web Design Software October 2015 that you can use from now on in your new projects. Hope they help you out and make things easier for you in the future.

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