10 Coolest Movie Posters of 2015

A movie poster needs to be epic in order to create hype. It needs to be eye catching and attention grabbing. This is very important. Having a cool poster always has a good effect on the audience. Though some movies could not make it this year and will be released next year, we have had some amazing movies and here are the coolest movie posters of 2015.


10) Transporter Refueled

transporter refueled movie poster

Transporter series has always been awesome and has never failed to impress. There is no surprise that the movie poster is included in this list. This cool movie has a very cool poster indeed.



9) Fantastic Four

fantastic four 2015 poster


The reboot of the Fantastic Four movie although did not get the response that it expected has one really bad ass poster. The poster has a very modern and sci-fi touch to it.


8) Magic Mike

Magic mike XXL movie poster

The Magic Mike poster is very minimalistic and simple yet the contrast of colors is very appealing and eye catching. The name Magic Mike has been creatively placed into roman numbers.


7) Inside out

Inside out movie poster 2015


Although this is an animated movie it has a very nice colorful and cute poster. The presence of different colors could have been overwhelming but the poster has been very well executed and it all goes well together.


6) Chappie

chappie movie poster

This poster is very unusual and different and that is exactly what is so cool about it. This is a great mention in the list of coolest movie posters of 2015.


5) Spy

spy movie poster


The Spy movie poster is minimal and depicts what the movie is actually about. The movie and the poster both are amazing.


4) Mad Max: Fury Road

mad max fury road movie poster

The Mad Max poster is exactly what you would expect it to be. Wastelands and a rugged looking image. Perfect representation of the movie in a nutshell.


3) Agent 47

hitman agent 47 movie poster

Agent 47 has a very cool looking poster. The view from the top is breathtaking and the designer has worked his magic with this one.


2) Predestination

predestination movie poster 2015


The amazing futuristic predestination poster is definitely eye catching and engaging. The blue portal in the middle of the poster creates a very nice contrast.


1) Taken

Taken 3 Movie Poster

You have Liam Neeson in a poster. Need I say more? The poster is very bad ass indeed and looks amazing. Having such a recognizable star on it is indeed also a huge plus and that’s why it is topping the list of 10 coolest movies posters of 2015.


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