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10 Creative Game Character Concepts That You Will Like

Creating game characters is an art that many designers get wrong. A lot of work goes into making the perfect game character and it is not a job for every Tom Dick and Harry. A certain degree of creativity and elegance is needed to make an outstanding concept. There are some creative game character designers that are amazing and actually know what they are doing. Here are 10 creative game character concepts that we thought you should all see.



1) Headless Swordsman

1 headless swordsman

This character design looks like it just came out of a Samurai Jack comic book. The totally badass swords and the headless design looks absolutely amazing. It looks like something you would find trying to kill you in Resident Evil or Silent Hill game. Just one of those in-game creatures that won’t die no matter what you shoot at it.


2) Scythe Duo

2 scythe duo

At first glance this concept art character may appear to look like a coat hanger but if I was you I wouldn’t make the mistake of hanging anything on this dude. The dual scythes on this guy will tear through flesh in a flash. Looks like one of those creepy cartoons you see in movies like Coraline or The Corpse Bride. But then again I think walking with three legs could be a challenge.


3) K3wl

3 k3wl

This little dude does have swagger. This concept design is really trendy and fashionable. I would say that the designer has tried to make a statement by putting a TV on the game characters head.


4) Green Stitch

4 green stitch

Remember Lilo and Stitch? The concept art looks just like Stitch, beside him being blue and the character design being green. If I remember correctly there were a lot of aliens in that cartoon. Wonder if anyone was green.


5) Dinobot

5 dinobot

The dragon that aged terribly. The character designer has a really good sense of humor. Bringing together something old-school and some new technology and blending it into a single concept design like this is a work of art.


6) Firefox

6 firefox

Imagine if the Firefox browser logo came to life. It would definitely look like this. The concept character design is exactly what I picture a Firefox would be.


7) Shadow Cat

7 shadow cat

Every cat person’s worst nightmare. If this would turn out to be a real game character then this would give cat lovers nightmares. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a half animal half machine cat?


8) Iron Fist

8 iron fist

The designer made a really bad ass game character. This looks like a DOTA character that would smash enemy heroes to bits. Not only is the concept design made of metal it has knives. Now who doesn’t like knives?


9) Pot Head

9 pothead

This is exactly the kind of person you do not want to be alone with in an empty street. The designer has gone into a great degree of detail with this game character concept. Everything from the expressions to the tears in the characters clothes are perfectly made.


10) Yin and Yang

10 yin and yand

Every gamer loves ninjas. This is what Yin and Yang would look like if they were cartoons or game characters.



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