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10 Dazzling Designs to Brighten up the Diwali Festival

Only a few days till Diwali. It is one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated in India. Big festivals call for big celebrations and these calls for brightening up our daily lives with color and joy. Diwali is associated with bright colors and bright lights. We are here to help you celebrate Diwali even if you are not in India. We have provided below a colorful resource pack that will prove to be useful to you with Diwali coming up. Here are 10 dazzling designs to brighten up the Diwali festival.

If you are a designer looking to make props for Diwali or you are a businessman who is away from home but still wants the Diwali touch in his business then this resource pack should help you in doing just that. With this you will be able to make your work fit for Diwali. You can change things as you like and mix things up a bit. Be creative and let your mind roam free.

With this resource pack you will get amazing images that have great detail. There are great text options and beautiful backdrops of various kinds. You can find props to use and backgrounds to manipulate according to your needs. There are a ton of things that you could do with these images if you opened up your mind and put in a bit of extra effort. The possibilities are endless.

1. Bright banners

Bright banners

2. Colorful Banners with candles

Colorful Banners with candles

3. Watercolor elephant background

Watercolor elephant background

4. Watercolor background with an elephant

Watercolor background with an elephant

5. Floral Background

Floral Background

6. Laxmi Background

Laxmi Background

7. Colored background

Colored background

8. Ornamental background

Ornamental background

9. Ornamental background in blue color

Ornamental background in blue color

10. Bokeh Greeting

Bokeh Greeting

These were the 10 dazzling designs to brighten up the Diwali festival. We hope you like this collection and use it well. Have a great Diwali and remember us in your celebrations. Spread the colors of joy on this Diwali.

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