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10 Great Christmas Gifts for Less Than $10

If you are on a budget this Christmas and have to get gifts for a number of people then you must be freaking out right now. But stay calm and take a breathe there is nothing to worry about. We have done all the thinking for you. If you have to do your shopping on a budget then here are 10 great Christmas gifts for less than $10. Now that as cheap as hell but the gifts are simply amazing.

10) Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive 4GB

Transformer USB

For the techies in your life. This affordable little gift will be appreciated. GIve this amazing little USB to the techie in your life. This costs only $4.80.


9) DSLR Camera USB Drive

dslr USB

For the photographer’s in your life that have to move around a ton of data. This is a great gift for you to show them how amazing they are at what they do. This will cost you $10.


8) USB Mug Warmer

USB mug warmer

This is a great Christmas gift if you know someone who has a huge coffee intake. This will cost you only $6.39.

7) USB Plasma Ball

USB plasma ball

Another great gifts for the techies and nerds in your life. A very affordable Christmas gift that only costs $9.95.

6) USB Flash Drive Security Lock

USB lock

If you have someone who is very touchy about their data then this is a great gift for Christmas. This simple lock will keep their USBs locked and their data safe. Plus it only costs $6.


5) Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

CTRL ALT DEL cup set

A great gift to give someone who works on the computer most of the time. Plus it is kind of funny. $8.79

4) Plants vs. Zombies Vinyl Figures

plants vs zombies

Designers love their desk toys. If you know a designer than I can think of nothing better under $10 to get him this Christmas.

3) Ice Attacks UFO Ice Cube Tray Molds

Ice Attacks UFO Ice Cube Tray Molds

This one is for your geeky friend that appreciates a nice cold drink. Let him drink in style with these cool ice cube molds.


2) Cozy Socks

cozy socks

A Christmas classic that people love to share with one another. It is always cool to have a pair of crazy socks lying around.


1) Ring Holder



A cute little cat shaped ring holder for that one friend that always loses her rings.


Here are the 10 great Christmas gifts for less than $10. For people that are on a tight budget this Christmas these gifts are both great and affordable.

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