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10 Inspirational Design Toys for Your Desk

If you happen to pop by a studio that works with animation and designing then most probably you must have seen a few inspiring toys here and there. That is how modern day work spaces are nowadays. You see bright, fluffy, animated cartoons lying around people’s desks. They maybe their favorite cartoons growing up or something to remember their family by or even something that the company is working on. Such inspirational toys are often seen in the creative art studios and design labels. Since their initial emergence way back in the 1990s these designer toys have been becoming increasingly popular. These products range from main stream off the shelf toys to limited edition collector’s items. It is often that we see big names in the design world coming up with their toys but there are “Do it yourself” toys available in the market. Frequently artists go all out and do joint ventures with one another to produce something different. This is something that is very common and this helps toy designers make art toys that are from another world. Take a peek at our list of 10 inspirational design toys for your desk that we wanted to share with you. Maybe you want to have one on your desk too.

10 Inspirational Design Toys for Your Desk

10 Inspirational Design Toys for Your Desk




1 hobby

Acne Jr a toy design company based in Switzerland, makes art toys that really stand out on your desk. These toys are very unique and it is not common to find such toy designs in the market. These toy designs are both different and eye-catching. The founder of the firm is Sofia Ekvall. The latest project of the firm is hobby. This is a line of wood based, handmade toy designs. The toys are all made to order so there is something different and unique about each toy that leaves the company. You can also request adding any kind of custom touch you wish to add to the toy to make it even more personal.

Whispering Spirit

2 whispering spirit

Whispering spirit is an innovative toy design by Bubi Au Yeung. He has put around two years of work into this masterpiece. A lot of effort has gone into this project and all this hard work has paid off for the designer.

Cereal Killers

3 cereal killers

The creative Ron English has yet again come up with a brilliant set of toys, the cereal killers. With the last batch of his toys selling at a phenomenal pace, this batch too has only a few left. So if you want this
inspirational toy you better go get your hands on it now before it’s too late.

Shirley Creamhorn & Shithawk

4 Shirley Creamhorn _ Shithawk

Designer Gavin Strange explains that he was nicknamed Shirley Creamhorn by one of his designer friends and so came up the name and the inspiration for the new toy design. There are 500 copies of this art toy, so yes it is a limited edition.

Tado Star Wars Chubby Series5 Star Wars Chubby Series

Tado has created this cute, chubby toy version of the well-known Star Wars characters. We know these characters all too well. The production process for these inspirational toys has been a very long one. The designers had to revise and review their designs time and time again till the final product was perfect.

Desktop Dumpsters

6 desktop dumpsters

The designer Ryan Christensen made this inspirational toy from recycled steel. Each piece is hand painted and is unique. This toy is the designer’s flagship product.


7 ugly doll

David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim’s desk toy design Uglydoll is one of the most famous and durable toy in the market of toy art. The toys are so popular that a feature film is being made around them.

Minecraft Creeper Vinyl

8 Minecraft Creeper Vinyl

Minecraft is an amazingly successful online game that you can play in multiple platforms and consoles. It is basically like digital Lego where the gamer can make entire worlds of his own. The game is incredibly addictive and has millions of players around the world. This is a must have inspirational toy for Minecraft fans and gamers.


9 Kidrobot

Kidrobot is for the people that can’t keep their vinyl at home and want to keep it with them wherever they go. It comprises of a watch and a small toy with it.


10 POP! - Funko

Pop! Is easily accessible and has a wide range. This is a very cute and eye popping inspirational toy as the name itself implies. This toy is destined to get a lot of hype and I would recommend getting it for yourself or a loved one to keep on their desk.

Ninja Girls with Udon Noodles

11. Ninja Girls with Udon Noodles

Ninja girls with udon noodles is another limited edition inspirational toy. If you plan on buying this toy you better be on your way to the store.


12. Kuro - Camilla d'Errico

Designed by Camilla d’Errico the desk toy is available in multiple colors and also has a glow
in the dark version.

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