10 Mobile UX Nightmares to Avoid Infographic

Designing is a time consuming and tedious task. Even the professionals and people with years of experience make basic mistakes at times. People need to make guidelines when there is too much information to keep in mind. Times like these call for a creative method of memorizing things. That is where infographics come in. Infographics help you remember things better and provide guidelines where necessary in order to avoid human error and basic mistakes. Here you will find the 10 mobile UX nightmares to avoid infographic for designers to use. With this infographic you can help fresh designers with guidelines and help more experienced designers keep themselves in check.

Making mistakes is normal. You learn from your mistakes. Forgetting something is human nature. With everything you are exposed to it is obvious that you will learn new things and forget others. It is also equally possible that something just slips your mind at some point in time. All this is understandable. This is where things like infographics come in handy. If you have something like this on your wall, on your desktop or on your phone then it will be less probable that you make a mistake.

Infographics like these reduce the probability of error and keep your work in check. The points stated in this infographic are all major things to consider while designing a website or an application. They can very well be missed out or ignored when under pressure or in a rush. But having this as a guideline will help you remember all the points and not make these basic errors. Use this infographic to make an even better application.

10 Mobile-UX-Nightmares infographic


This was the 10 mobile UX nightmares to avoid infographic for designers. Hope this helps you out in your work and future projects. I know it has helped me a couple of times.

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