10 Most Anticipated TV Series Coming Out in 2016

2015 has been a good year for TV series. There have been some really great series coming out this year and now that the year is coming to an end we have to see what to expect from 2016. A new year brings new series and here we will tell you about the 10 most anticipated TV series coming out in 2016. In 2016 we will see a bit of a change in trends when it comes to TV series. We will see a lot of new shows coming up. Some of which have been in the pipe for a long time. We thought they would never make it to the big screen but they are coming. Just wait and see.


10) Outsiders

outsiders tv series

A new season coming out in 2016 formerly known as the titan. The name was later changed in order to better suit the pattern of the series. The story is about the Farrel clan. The family of outsiders who struggle to gain power and rights in the lands of Appalachia. A place where people are outlaws and live under the radar. The people here are willing to keep their  ways and protect them no matter what the cost.


9) Legends of Tomorrow

Legends-of-Tomorrow tv series

Another superhero series for the superheroes lovers out there. This one is about a time traveler who must bring together a team of superheroes in order to save the human race from extinction and world destruction. There are loads of superhero series out there but this one will prove to be a thrilling one. Keeping in mind that it is kind of like the justice league. You will find characters from Arrow and The Flash in this series.


8) Outcast


A young man tries to find why he has been tortured by the supernatural for as long as he can remember. A tale of mystery and suspense all combined into one series for you to enjoy. This new series is brought to you by the creators of The Walking Dead.


7) Preacher

preacher tv series

A Texas based preacher goes out to vanquish the supernatural that have been terrorising his town. He aims to vanquish this evil and cleanse his town from their evil presence.

6) The Get Down

the get down TV series

A story set in the 70’s about a group of teenagers running wild on the Bronx streets. The get down is number 6 on the list of 10 most anticipated TV series coming out in 2016.

5) Grandfathered

grandfathered tv series

The story of an all-out bachelor who discovers that not only is he a father but also a grandfather. Now he must take responsibility in life and take care of those who he loves.

4) Dr. Ken

Dr. ken TV series

The comic story of A doctor who is struggling between his medical career, parenting and his marriage. Failing at all three.

3) Lookinglass

lookinglass tv series

The story of a corrupt police officer who has been brought back to life. He must now decide whether to go back to his old ways or find new meaning with his second chance at life.


2) Lucifer

lucifer tv series

The lord of hell is tired of being stuck in hell and decides to get off the throne. He can now be found on the streets of Los Angeles and helping the LAPD punish criminals.


1) Rush Hour

rush-hour-tv show

The TV series version of the amazing Rush Hour film saga that took the movie industry by storm.


These were the 10 most anticipated TV series coming out in 2016. We are waiting for them to come out next year. Hope that the feeling is mutual.

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