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10 Phone Accessories and Apps Every Graphic Designer Needs

Though mostly graphic designers do all their work on their systems. The system of choice can be a laptop desktop or a Mac. It depends from designer to designer but we have seen a common trend that graphic designers and creatives do prefer the Mac as compared to the PC. In this article we have compiled accessories and apps every graphic designer needs and should have.

Phone Accessory Every Designer Should have

Here are a few phone accessories we think every designer should have. You should consider buying these if you do not have them at home already.

Slip Stopper case

Slip stopper case is something you should have with your phone. We have seen a lot of people that use their phone for business and recreation that have a broken screen. Being someone who uses a smartphone extensively, having a broken screen is not an option. Working with a phone with a broken screen is out of the question. A slip cover will allow you to better grip your phone and it will reduce the chances of it slipping out of your hand. If you are someone who drops his or her phone a lot then you should consider getting one of these. Here is an infographic that shows that the major concern when dealing with phone damage is a broken screen.

Case infographic


NomadKey Lightning Twist

There are times when your phones dies out and you do not have access to a charger. It happens to all of us. Lucky for you there are people that have thought of a solution for these kinds of situations. A NomadKey solves this problem. You can easily use it to charge your phone. Not only that, it is also very portable and can cling right into your key chain. With this phone accessory you do not need to carry around your charger with you and you need not worry about your phone dying ever again.

Waka Waka Power

wakawaka power

This device uses solar power to charge your cellphone. Though it does require 12 hours in the sunlight to use but when it is juiced up it can charge your phone in 2 hours.

Productive Apps Designers Should Have


idesign app

This is a cheap little phone application that is absolutely worth the purchase. It will cost you just $7.99 but it is a very productive and powerful application. It is just like Illustrator that works on your phone. We all know how popular and useful Adobe Illustrator is.


colorschemer app

Unlike iDesign this is a free application which you can download onto your phone. This is an amazingly simple application on which you can create color palettes of your choice.


FontBook app

Just as the name itself implies, this application is a guide to fonts. It has tons of fonts you can go through to decide which one to use in your next project.

If you have not used these apps and accessories then you can see what you have been missing out on. Here were the accessories and apps every graphic designer needs. Hope you find them useful and think about getting them for your personal use.


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