10 Photographers You Need to Follow in 2015

There is always that person you know who owns a DSLR and thinks that he is a photographer. But you all know that his pictures are crappy. Even when the picture is worth looking at you realize that it’s not the cameraman who should get the credit but the camera. Of Course you will get a clear, quality picture with a professional DSLR. What matters is what you have captured and how well you have done it. In this article we will tell you about 10 photographers you need to follow 2015.


These are not your everyday wannabe photographers. They are in fact creative geniuses. They are a kind of artists that use a camera instead of a canvas and a brush. Some of the pictures that you will find will be of things you see on your daily life. Simple things like tables and chairs. It’s not about the objects in the picture. It’s all about how they are captured. In my experience the simplest of things turn out to be a masterpiece. It’s all a game of perspective. Some of these pictures are taken with a cellphone. In situations where the photographer did not have a camera but had a good idea of a picture.


These photographers are artists in their respective fields and all have an exceptional portfolio. They have the ability to transform everyday objects into works of art. Although you will see ordinary objects in their pictures but what you take from these pictures will be beyond ordinary.


  1. Follow Darrin Jenkins

 Follow Darrin Jenkins

2) Follow Pam McLean

Follow Pam McLean

3) Follow Marco Zampetti

Follow Marco Zampett

4) Follow Seb Janiak

Follow Seb Janiak

5) Follow Ian White

Follow Ian White

6) Follow Richard Seagraves

Follow Richard Seagraves

7) Follow Mick Ryan

7 Follow Mick Ryan

8) Follow David Krovblit

Follow David Krovblit

9) Follow Frank Carter

Follow Frank Carter

10) Follow Sergey Bystrov

Follow Sergey Bystrov

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