10 Things Not to Buy This Black Friday

I know it is the biggest sales day of the year and you expect to get killer deals you never get. There are things that are not worth buying even on Black Friday. Sure you want to get them but the discounts and sales promotions on these things are not that significant that you waste your time on them and miss out on other things on which you could save a lot of money. I have compiled a list of stuff you should avoid getting on Black Friday and wait a bit longer. Im sure you will get better deals for these products after Black Friday. Here you will find 10 things not to buy this Black Friday.

I know it is hard to resist the urge and you have been saving for these things all year but trust me when i say you will get even better deals and discounts for these things after Black Friday. So keep these things off your list of stuff to buy on Black Friday 2015 and you can save even more money. Remember that it is the biggest sale of the year and you the products are time sensitive. You will have a race against time that day and other people will be there too. Just like you they also want to get their hands on this stuff but you will be the clever one and not get them this Black Friday.


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10) Smartphones


9) Home & Patio Furniture


8) Airfare & Vacation Packages


7) Gift Cards

gift-cards black friday deals

6) Gaming Laptops and Ultraportables

gaming laptops black friday sales

5) Chocolates & Flowers


4) Newly-Developed, High-End Tech

Surface-Book black friday tech deals

3) Second-Hand Gaming Consoles

second hand consoles black friday sales

2) The Roku 4

Roku-4-Black Friday deals

1) Winter Gear

winter gear Black Friday sales

I know you want to get these things but take my word for it when I say that if you wait a bit longer and get past Black Friday you will get better deals and discounts on these things that I have mentioned here. Here were the 10 things not to buy this Black Friday. Hope you follow these guidelines and save some money.


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