10 Things That We Can Expect in 2016

2015 is at its very end and we are about to welcome 2016. With the New Year close by we thought it would be best to provide you with some insights into what you can expect to see from the coming New Year. These are predicted and may not come to but there is a chance that they might and that stands for something. Here are the 10 things that we can expect in 2016.


1. China’s slowing growth

Over time China has proven itself to be an economic and tech powerhouse. That is going to change as reports show that the growth of China in these fields will slow down and companies around the globe will look for other options at hand.


2. Debt will become more expensive

Interest rates will increase and the debts will become even more expensive than they already were. There is no surprise there.


3. Communications improvements

The barriers of communication will continue to fall and we will end up getting even better communication. That will include better wireless technology and internet.


4. The US market will continue to expand

In 2016 we expect to see the US market expand even further. Something the US needs.


5. Developing Markets

Other markets besides the US will also develop and people will look to these markets for the best return on investment opportunities.


6. Technology upsurge, specifically all things wireless/mobile/app

In 2016 we expect to see developments in wireless carrier technology as well as developments in apps and cloud services. One of the advancements of 2016.


7. The sharing economy

In 2016 the concept of the sharing economy will become more popular and will gain additional momentum. Another thing we can expect in 2016.


8. Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and North Africa

Tensions in the Middle East and North Asia will force companies and firms to resort to other means to their ends. This means opportunity for other countries in these regions. Something to look forward to in 2016.


9. Russia’s economic troubles

Firms operating in Russia will be on their toes and people looking to invest will think twice. This will open a gateway of opportunities in close by regions.


10. An overall slowing in Global GDP

The overall global GDP growth will slow down and we will not be seeing a significant change in numbers. Something coming out way in 2016.


These were the 10 Things that we can Expect in 2016. These are insights into next year that we all are looking forward to so much.

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