10 Worst Cities in the U.S. for Spending Christmas

When you think about Christmas there is a happy vibe to it. It is a happy holiday after all and everyone loves Christmas. Though this is the case for most places there are places in the US you do not want to be when the big Christmas day is here. We are going to tell you all about those places and why they are so awful for Christmas. Here are the 10 worst cities in the U.S. for spending Christmas.

worst cities for christmas



A place where people throw snowballs at Santa and boo him? So yes this would be a place you would and should avoid on Christmas.

9) South Windsor, CT

If you are in South Windsor on Christmas then there isn’t going to be much of a Christmas in the first place. The city is the biggest hub if Satan worshipers in the United States of America. So be warned.

8) Miami, FL

On Christmas you expect to have snow. A white Christmas is the Christmas you expect. But that is not the case in Miami. If you are looking for snow then you will be disappointed.


7) International Falls, MN

International Falls, MN

Think the exact opposite of International Falls. This place is an icebox. Sure you want snow on Christmas but you do not want your house buried in it.

6) New York (The Bronx)

Yes I know all you have heard that Christmas in new York is just amazing. That is Manhattan they are talking about not the Bronx. Here people have boycotted Christmas. Stay clear of this place if you can.


5) Ferdinand, IN

The place is literally a hell of boredom. There are no Christmas attractions whatsoever. You better have some amazing company at home otherwise you are doomed.

4) Washington, D.C.

Washington is a no fly zone so what that means is that Santa is not going to make it. Boo to that then.


3) Cleveland, OH



Just another city in the states that you want to avoid for Christmas. Better stay clear if you want to enjoy the holiday cheer.

2) Detroit, Michigan


Being one of the most dangerous cities in the US you do not want to be there. The crime rates are unlike anything ever seen before.


1) St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri

This city has the highest rates of homicide and I am sure you do not want to be a victim of one of those.

These were the 10 worst cities in the U.S. for spending Christmas. If you want to have a nice, joyful Christmas than stay clear of all these places and you should be fine. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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