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11 Things Creative People Think are Weaknesses But are Not

The mind works in mysterious ways, or so I am told and the creative mind is a workshop of mystery. No one really knows that is going on inside.. The creative person in question does not know himself. The fact remains that creative people are very different. They think different, act different and do different stuff. They are unlike other people and are hell of a lot better to hang out with. They are not your moody, boring type. You will never find a creative that has nothing to do. Here we will look into the lives of these creative people and see 11 things creative people think are weaknesses but are not.

11 Things Creative People Think are Weaknesses But are Not

1. Getting Bored Easily

Creative people get that a lot. They do get bored easily. They look for change and challenges. They cannot hold the same job for a long time if it involves doing the same thing over and over again. Creative people strive for something new. This is taken as a weakness but is actually a strength.

2. Having Busy Minds

People think that creative people cannot focus on a single thing but that is not what they think it is. They tend to have multiple thoughts going through their heads and they have tons of things on their list of things to do. This is a major strength. Not everyone can juggle around a ton of stuff at the same time.

3. Taking Too Many Risks

Creatives are huge risk takers. They go for high risk, high rewards. Often this does pay off and even when it does not it is not a complete loss. They get something to learn out of the experience. This is a great strength that is taken as a weakness.

4. Letting their intuition make their decisions

While other people may rely on statistics and collected research data creative people tend to go with their gut. If they feel like doing something they will do it with little regard to what the numbers say, This can pay off.

5. Making mistakes

Creatives make many mistakes in a single day but that does not hold them back. They learn from their mistakes and are not afraid of failure. They learn from failure and make sure to build upon their experiences.

6. Questioning the Rules

Creatives are the rebels of society, the renegades. They tend not to follow the rules and refuse to live by the book. They tend to be different from society. If we think about it anyone who has done anything to make a change in this world was a bit different to start with.

7. Being Independent Thinkers

People label creatives as crazy and out of this world. Though they may think differently, it does not mean that they are not sane. What this means is that they look at this world in a different way. They are the geniuses of the society they rebel against.

8. Being Viewed as Eccentric

Though creatives can be introverts that is not always the case. They might not be seen with a crowd just because they are caught up with what they do best. Creatives are great people to hang out with if you ever choose to do so.

9. Frequently changing their minds

It is hard for creative people to make their minds about something. They can change their mind often. That can be taken as a bad thing but it is positive. It gives them the chance to double check themselves and evaluate better alternatives.

10. Dreaming too much

Creatives dream a lot and that is not a bad thing. All things that made it in the real world started out as someone’s dream. You can do something tomorrow only if you dream it today.

11. Having fun all the time

Though they might be taken as introverts creative people are fun to people to hang out with and they know how to party.


Creative people are out of this world. They live in a realm of their own and are very cool to hang out with. These were the 11 things creative people think are weaknesses but are not.

Source: elitedaily

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