12 Adorable Cat Versions of Famous People

Celebrities are always making the news and are on one show or the other. There has been a hype about a couple of specific celebrities lately and you will find out who they are soon enough. When it comes to celebrities and glamour designers are the first to troll them and express their feeling about these people through their skill of art and design. Some of their work is negative while some is also positive. Every artist has a different perception and different take on these famous people and for good reason too. Designers trolling famous people is a common trend and the designers that make controversial images do gain a lot of following. Here are some 12 Adorable cat versions of famous people in the entertainment industry.

These are adorable and cute versions of famous people that we all know about and have seen at one time in our lives or the other. Everyone loves cats, they are cute, fluffy and adorable. I think if someone does not like cats then there is something seriously wrong with that human being. These funny and cute versions of famous people are bound to lighten up your mood and brighten up your day. For some people they might seem cute for others it might be a bit sarcastic and taunting. We are not sure what the designer had in mind when this was being produced but it is some great work.

For your amusement here are 12 Adorable cat versions of famous people in the entertainment industry. Enjoy these funny and amusing pictures and let us know what you think about them.

1. Furiana Grande

Furiana Grande

2. Kitten Harington

Kitten Harington

3. Nicki Meownaj

Nicki Meownaj

4. Donald Trumpycat

Donald Trumpycat

5. Paw Rudd

Paw Rudd

6. One Purrection

One Purrection

7. Zayn Meowlick

Zayn Meowlick

8. Catlyn Jenner

Catlyn Jenner

9. Kim Catdashian

Kim Catdashian


10. Amy Purrler and Tina Spay

Amy Purrler and Tina Spay

11. Ruth Bader Kittensburg

Ruth Bader Kittensburg

12. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift





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