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12 Methods of Generating New Ideas Daily

No matter how good a writer you are there will come a time when you are out of ideas and cannot think of anything. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to all of us. But if you are a business creative or working in a creative industry you cannot afford to have a block. You need a constant stream of creative ideas. Creative block is a pain in the neck and a huge nuisance. Fortunately we are here to help you come up with great ideas. Here are 12 methods of generating new ideas.


1) More Ideas = Better Ideas

You know all those bad ideas you had? They may be terrible but they sure are better than having none at all. Don’t you think? The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of general ideas. If you have multiple ideas then one thing leads to another and you end up with one very strong idea.

1 More Ideas=Better Ideas

A huge mistake that people make is thinking that an idea hits you out of nowhere and that you cannot come up with a great idea on your own. This is a myth and certainly not true at all. You can generate a great idea on your own if you sit down and are determined to do it. Einstein came up with many scientific works but you know only a few because not all of them were all that good.


2) Scratch Your Own Itch

One of the ways of generating a new idea is to think about your own requirements. What are your need? What are your wants? Answer this and you can come up with a great creative idea. The essence of marketing is pretty much learn and respond. Many companies today are surviving the market today due to the fact that there is a need for such companies. What you need to know is, how you can help yourself before you try helping others.



3) Keep Track of Your Ideas

Some people have good memory but not all of us have that characteristic. The thing about ideas is that you forget the idea as soon as you are distracted. It only takes a second to forget an idea. Write down the idea as soon as you have it. Even if it doesn’t seem all that good at the time. Write it down in ink or if you’re more of a tech person you can use a note app to make notes of your ideas. This way you safeguard your ideas and store them somewhere you can refer to later.


4) Observe The World Around You

The world around you is full of mystery and wonder. You can get all kind of inspiration from people and objects around you. Inspiration is a great source of creative ideas. You will find plenty of ideas just by looking closely at what you find around you. Trust me when I say staring at a blank piece of paper for an hour is going to get you nowhere. It’s only going to cause you anger and frustration. Something better than staring at a blank paper would be looking out the window for a short while. You have a better chance of getting a great idea by looking out the window rather than staring at a piece of white paper.


5) Break Routines

We have covered routine in detail. The mind needs a change now and then. Try doing something different for a change. If you are someone who sits at the desk all day then it would be a good idea to go out for a walk. If you do not socialize much then now would be a good time to go hang out with friends or check out a new dinner or cafe.


6) Doodle

Doodling is a great exercise to relax the mind and come up with new creative ideas it is one of the 12 methods of generating new ideas. A fresh and relaxed brain has a better chance of coming up with a creative idea than one that is stressed and burdened with workloads. You do not have to be an artist to doodle. Anything you can make is great. Remember that this is an exercise to come up with fresh, new ideas. You are not trying to make a work of art.


7) Trial and Error

When you fall down get right back up and start over. You will never succeed if you have never failed. Learn from history and learn from your mistakes. When you do not learn from history you repeat it. Keep in mind that things will go south every now and then. That is no reason panic. Failure is a good thing and it means that you are on the path to success.

7 Trial and Error

8) Seek More Experiences

Do not be afraid to experience something new. New things you experience will lead to generating new ideas. Having new experiences does not mean going on a world tour. Although you could do that, you can also do something small too. Go to a new dinner that you have not been to yet. Order something new at your favorite cafe. Small things can make a huge difference in life and can be a source of inspiration.

Seek More Experiences

9) Take a Break

You cannot work all day and expect to come up with something creative. The mind needs to rest too. If you lock up your brain in a pressure cooker than you are never getting something new out of it. You need to take a break every now and then and break your routine once in a while. Take up an exercise, do a crossword, play a mind game, have a cup of coffee. Anything that will take your mind off work for a short amount of time. This is one of the 12 methods of generating new ideas.


10) Make Connections

Bring together ideas that no one has correlated before. Come up with something new. In doing so many of your connections may be terrible but in time you will find that one connection that is worth working on.


Another way of making connection is networking with people. Collaboration can always be useful when working in the creative industry. People may have an idea but not the resources. You could use that idea and provide the needed resources to have a collaboration that will be mutually beneficial.


11) Brainstorming

At times brainstorming sessions are not very productive or creative and people tend not to contribute to such sessions. But they can be useful if conducted properly. The theme of brainstorming sessions is that no idea is bad. But if you train the member of the group to do some constructive criticism on the ideas then they can work better.


12) Make Decisions

The last but not least in the list of 12 methods of generating new ideas is making decisions. Decide what fits and what to trash. At times you may like something but will find that it does not fit in place. In situations like these you have to do the right thing and remove such things. Do not look at it as something personal but as something professional. You need to make decisions to make your content helpful to the reader. In life you cannot get everything that you want.

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