13 Most Significant Brand Logo Changes Through History

You might think that a logo change is good and that it does not have much of an importance. Think again, the sole purpose of a logo is to create brand recognition. If you keep on changing your logo time and time again then people will not recognize your brand. No one has time to follow your brand’s logo changes unless you are a huge player in the market. Think in terms of Coca Cola. The brand has not changed its logo and has remained consistent for a long time now. Hence the brand has survived the test of time through the years. Here are 13 most significant brand logo changes through history.

A logo is a marketing tool and companies need to work on them a lot before they decide which one to put out. Same is the case when companies decide to change their logo. A basic concept in marketing is search and respond. You need to respond to the needs of your consumer. So changing your logo is not a very good idea and you should not do so frequently. People will not be able to keep track of your logos if the change is drastic or you are not a big name in the market.

This list comprises of companies that are big players in the market and have at some point in time dramatically changed their logo, for better or for worse. Let’s have a look at these different changes and see the differences before and after.

1) Apple

1 apple-logo-redesign

Apple made a drastic change in it’s logo, going from an all grey look to a rainbow color logo. There is a huge difference between concept and color here.

2) IBM


2 ibms-logo-evolution

The new IBM logo is simple and minimal. Something that people can remember easily.

3) Pepsi


3 pepsis-first-logo-is-illus

Pepsi went from text to a shape logo. The new design is very identifiable. One look and you know it is Pepsi.

4) Volkswagen

4 volkswagon logo change

Another minimal and simple logo. Volkswagen have been hard at work making this logo and by the looks of it a lot of thought and hard work has gone into making this logo.

5) Audi

5 Audi logo change

As compared to the old logo the new one is modern and more professional looking.

6) FedEx

6 fedex logo change

Big name, Big change. Another great simple logo. Making the name shorter was a clever move. I did not even know it was short for Federal Express.

7) Shell

7 shell logo change

As compared to the old one the new logo has more color and is more catchy. Sometimes color is all that is missing.

8) Nokia

8 nokia logo change

The connecting people logo is one of the most recognizable ones. Everyone know this logo and the tone that goes along with it. A clever change by Nokia and a much needed one.

9) Fiat

9 fiat logo change

The new Fiat logo makes a lot of sense. You can judge from the logo that it is indeed a car manufacturer.

10) Mazda

10 mazda drastic logo change

Mazda made a smart move by getting rid of the text. The new logo is modern and elegant to look at. Not to mention more profession.

11) Kodak

11 kodak logo old vs new

Yet another simplistic logo with only text and nothing more. Kodak makes a state by simply stating it’s name and nothing more. No gimmicks with this one.

12) American Airlines

12 american airline logo new vs old

The trendy new logo is cool. They have kept the colors intact and gone for a modern new look.

13) Saab


13 Saab logo old vs new

Another text logo that is simple. There is nothing more than the brand name. Keeping it as simple as possible.

These were the 13 Most Significant Brand Logo Changes Through History. Hope they provide you with inspiration and insights into business and branding.

Source: Business Insider


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  1. Sofia Torres

    September 9, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    The Volkswagen logo of 1939 the swastika symbol is easily noticeable.

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