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15 Best Android Games of 2015

The gaming industry has become amazingly popular in the past decade. Companies And studios release their games on different platform to compete for the title of best game maker. You have PC gaming, console gaming and the relatively new mobile gaming. We have seen a lot of evolution in the mobile gaming category. There are numerous cool games out there. Some are indie games that are simple and have low graphics while there are other big game that are amazing to play as well as look at. Here are 15 best android games of 2015.


15) Assassin’s Creed Pirates


Every gamer know exactly what Assassin’s Creed is. The Franchise is huge and the creator behind the game is Ubisoft. This is the dialed down mobile version of the game and it is one of the best looking mobile games available today. though it is mostly a tap game but still the game mechanics and fighting systems are great. Just goes to show how much work Ubisoft has put into this game. All the Assassin’s creed lovers should give this mobile game a try.


14) The Banner Saga

the banner saga

This is a premium game and is worth purchasing. This is one of those games you fall in love with and wait for that part of the day when you are free and can play this game again. The animation looks like it was designed by none other than Disney and the soundtracks are amazing too. All this adds up to bring you an amazing experience and a quality game. The banner saga will cost you $9.99


13) Deus Ex: The Fall

dues ex the fall

Deus Ex is another gaming title all gamers know about and the fall is the mobile version of the game. Since the game in question is indeed Deus Ex we know that the graphics of the game will be amazing and only the high end phones will be able to run this game. This game will cost you $6.99 and also has in app purchases.–c1aDmVg


12) Duet

duet android game

This is an amazingly simple yet addictive game. This game goes to show that minimalism can be fun too. It is a great game to pass time. The soundtracks are also amazing.


11) Eliss Infinity

eliss infinity

This was originally only available on the iOS but was launched on the android OS in 2014. The game has a multitouch feature and allows you to play around with planets and stars.


10) Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 and 2


A horror, survival game on your mobile. This mobile game has taken its genre by storm and there is no such game like it. This is a very fun time pass game.


9) Godus

godus android game

This game allows you to play god in your own created animated world. The graphics are not perfect but there are numerous customization options that you will love. Godus has its place on number 9 on the list of 15 Best Android Games of 2015.


8) Leo’s Fortune

leos fortune

This is one of the most beautiful 2D games ever made. The backdrops and the scenery is just amazing. The game is easy to learn and has simple control that you can get used to in no time at all. Unfortunately it is not free and will cost you $4.99.


7) Monument Valley

monument valley

This game was quick to become famous. People just loved it and the only criticism that it really got was that it was too short.


6) Play to Cure: Genes in Space

Play to Cure Genes in Space

Playing this game helps Cancer Research Uk crunch numbers. It is a simple game with a good cause behind it and I think that everyone should have it.


5) Republique

Republique android game

An amazing game in which you help a woman held in a complex escape with her life. The graphics of the game are amazing as well as the sounds. You must have guessed that the game is not free. It will set you back $4.99 plus you also have to pay for each episode.


4) The Room 2

The Room 2 android game

A mystery, puzzle game in which you are subjected to collect clues that add up to make object which you will need to get through the game. The graphics of the game are amazing and the game is highly ranked on the play store with more than 80,000 reviews and counting the game boasts a score of 4.9/5.


3) Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a beautiful fighting game that is in 2D. The game has artistic backdrops and backgrounds that make the game realistic and fun to play. You can burn hours playing this game without getting tired or bored. The game is very popular on Facebook. The game is free to play with some in app purchases that are optional.


2) Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Number 2 on the list of 15 Best Android Games of 2015 is Smash Hit. It is an amazingly simple game that I enjoy playing myself. Though it is free you do need to buy the premium version in order to replay where you left off. If you do not buy the premium version of the game you will have to play from the start every time you run out of balls. The different levels of the game are complex and the sounds are amazing.


1) The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

game of thrones android game

Both these telltale games are great to play and they are enclosed in the TV series story. These games give the gamer in insight into information and facts about the TV series that have not been seen in the shows. Both these games have brilliant graphics and are at number 1.

These were the  15 Best Android Games of 2015. Hope you find the time to try some of them out. Enjoy!



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