15 Facebook WordPress Plugins For Bloggers to Use

If you are a blogger than Facebook is a great place for you to share your content and increase the number of followers that read your blog. It is a great way to increase traffic to your site. No matter if it is just a hobby it if you plan on making money out of blogging Facebook is a tool that you cannot ignore. There are multiple WordPress plugins that allow you to integrate Facebook with your site and here we will cover some of them. Here are 15 Facebook WordPress plugins for bloggers to use.


1) Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

This plugin is used to direct viewers from Facebook to your website. If you do not know how to make partial feeds then this is the plugin for you. This plugin will create the feed for you. let the plugin to all the work.

2) Facebook Fan box


The Facebook fan box can be used to increase the number of visitors to your site. When a user comes to the site he or she can view friends who follow the site on Facebook. They are inclined to follow too. Hence you get more traffic and can reach more people.

3) WP-FacebookConnect


This plugin adds Facebook functionality to your WordPress site by using the Facebook API. You can use this plugin to integrate your Facebook account with your WordPress site.

4) QuailPress


QuailPress allows your site visitors to share the content on your site to their Facebook accounts for their friends and family to see. This is a powerful plugin and can increase your website traffic.

5) Gigya Socialize


This plugin allows you to integrate your WordPress site with other popular social media platforms. It is number five on the list of 15 Facebook WordPress plugins for bloggers to use.

6) Fotobook

The Fotobook plugin allows you to import pictures from your Facebook account to your WordPress. So that you can use those pictures with ease.

7) Facebook/Twitter Status Updater


An effective and time saving tool that updates statuses across social media platforms so that you do not have to do it separately

8) Facebook Comments

A plugin that allows you to import comments from your Facebook to your WordPress account.

9) Status Press

This plugins updates your Facebook status to your blog.

10) Facebook Sharer

This plugin adds a link to each blog post in order to share it to Facebook after the visitor has gone through the post.


This was all about 15 Facebook WordPress plugins for bloggers to use. Use these plugins to increase your website traffic and make your life a bit easier.


Source: smashinghub

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