15 Must See Examples of Billboard Advertising

Billboards are one of the major mediums of marketing for big brands. You will usually find them in places where there is dense traffic.They may seem to be useless and boring at times but there are companies that come up with amazing billboard advertisements that are actually very creative and engaging. Some of the best advertising campaigns have been shown below.


1) Koleston Naturals: Change


Koleston Naturals has come up with this amazing billboard concept, they have positioned this billboard in order for it to take advantage of the sunlight and sunset. The billboard features a woman with long hair and the billboard image changes with the position of the sun. You can even see the sun setting through the billboard when the sun is up and when the sun sets the black of night fills up the space dedicated to the woman’s hair. This is an innovative idea that is attractive and eye catching.


2) Mars Chilled: Tongue


Mars has played it very cool, so to speak with their product that is meant to beat the heat as the packaging clearly shows. There are two billboards, one featuring part of a persons face and the person’s tongue is stretching out to the other billboard that features an open Mars bar. This makes it look like the chocolate bar is actually very cold and would make your tongue stick to it, like it would on an ice cream or something else that is very cold. It is always nice to witness creative billboard advertising such as this.



quitplan sends out a message about their website with this brilliant ad. Looking at the billboard design anyone can tell what the website is about. It’s a website that helps you with your addiction and to quit smoking. The billboard itself is very simple and has the website name written on it but the stand on which the graphic sits is in the shape of a cigarette bud and the billboard is set up in a way that the viewer sees the name of the site crushing the cigarette bud. This indeed is a very powerful message and is an example of clever outdoor advertising.


4) Silberman’s fitness center

silbermans fitness center

A billboard about health fitness? Now that is really a tricky one to perfect. This fitness center has done an amazing job at showing exactly what they do and what they stand for. The simple yet effective billboard features an overweight person standing at one side of the billboard and the entire billboard is tilted towards that person hence stressing on the weight of the person. One look at the billboard and anyone can see that it is a fitness center advertisement and the company helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


5) Apple iPod + iTunes Billboard


looking at this billboard I would say that the “i” in all the apple products would stand for innovation because this is a very creative and effective billboard design that promotes iTunes and the iPod. This billboard features album art flying out of the iPod. The billboard has a very funky and street art feel to it. The album covers coming out of the actual billboard space also creates a very engaging effect.


6) Mcdonald’s Sundial

mcdonalds sunclock

This is another billboard that takes advantage of sunlight. This billboard features food for different times of the day. The sundial casts a shadow onto one of these according to the time of the day and the position of the sun. This is a very cool idea that you may have never seen before.


7) WWF

wwf billboard

This billboard by WWF casts a shadow onto itself creating the effect of rising water level. The billboard itself intends to create awareness of global warming and the rising water levels. The creative billboard design sends out an effective message in a very simple and innovative way.  As the day passes the shadow rises and creates the effect of rising water.


8) Alan Wake: Dark is Deadly

alan wake dark is deadly

This is a game release promotion billboard. The game is themed around darkness and so the billboard uses the sundial effect. The dial indicates how dark it is and as it gets darker the dial moves towards the dead mark. This is another good example of unique outdoor advertising.


9) Tramontina


The billboard features a wooden panel with shapes cut out of it and all these different shapes are put together to assemble a small model house. This gives details about all the different parts that have been used to put together this model. The billboard has a very friendly and homey feel to it maybe because of the brown wooden design.


10) Belt Up


The billboard concept is that people should wear seat belts even if they are sitting in the back. The billboard depicts the danger of not wearing a seat belt by featuring a person sitting in a seat about to be launched into the air with a slingshot. This implies that if you are sitting in the back seat and you are not wearing a seat belt in case of an accident you could slingshot out the windscreen. Food for thought people.


11) BMW

BMW checkmate

Without getting into the trouble of discussing whether or not this billboard is ethical or morally correct I want to say that it is funny. There are two billboards, one features an Audi and the other a BMW. The BMW has checkmated the Audi as if it was a game of chess. Long story short, what BMW is trying to say is that they are the winners.


12) Calgary International Film Festival: Crying Billboard

Calgary International Film Festival Crying Billboard

The advertising billboard features a man crying and the tears are actually water, not graphic tears. The water drop effect makes a very good and eye catching billboard.


13) DHL: Maze


This huge 3D maze features a ball that will go from one point to another via the shortest route possible. After it reaches its destination it will appear where it started and will repeat the process. This goes on all day long. Basically it sends a message regarding the performance and the propositions of the company.


14) Penline Stationary: Strong Tape

Penline Stationary Strong Tape

One of the ways of creating a great billboard and to do effective marketing is to go all out and think out of the box. This is exactly what Penline Stationery has done. To promote the strength of their tape they have made a billboard that shows a billboard hanging against a wall with their tape and nothing else.


15) Regional Environmental Awareness: Swimming Pool

15 Absolutely Brilliant Billboard Ads!

This billboard concept also concerns global warming and climate change. It makes us think for a second what we are doing to the environment and how this will affect us in the coming years. Creative ad designs such as this send a very powerful message.

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