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20 Amazingly Simple & Minimal Mobile UI Designs

A mobile UI design is very a very important and integral part of the whole experience. A user can choose not to use the application if he or she does not like the UI. Hence it is vital to have a very clean and professional UI design when it comes to application development. Sometimes the most simple things work the best. Take the best combination in the work. Black and white, simple yet graceful and elegant. Here are 20 amazingly simple & minimal mobile UI designs. You will notice that these UI designs have minimal amount of clutter and are extremely simple yet they still work.


Paratt mobile UI design

Thought this is a very simple and clean app the logo and the images work well with the plain white and help bring out the color. Besides that the UI is minimal and is pleasant to look at. This is the kind of UI design you can look at for hours at a stretch without straining your eyes. The UI design is very content focused.

Help Make It

help make it app UI design

This application is for donations. Check the simple colors and the pleasant typography that mixes together to make an exceptional experience.


Anhanguera UI design

Three basic colors are used along the website and the phone application which are often mixed around to bring a bit of change and variety.

Fashion Adviser

Fashion Adviser

Deals with a simple UI design which consists of pink and different shades of grey.


guide app

A very simplistic application that used black, white and yellow cleverly and creatively.


SnelTrein app

A good travel application and one of the best looking apps on the list of 20 amazingly simple & minimal mobile UI designs..


private bank app

Plain white and simple icons are used in the UI design of this application to make it useful yet uncluttered.

Bitcoin app

Bitcoin app

The Bitcoin app comprises of 3 basic colors which are used in place of one another in different parts of the application. As a whole the application is clean and elegant to look at and does not compromise on function.


Pawwholla app

The flat and clean design of this application just does to show that sometimes less is more.

The Corner

The Corner app

This is the extreme of minimal design but the UI design does do the application justice.

Peek Calendar

Peek Calendar app

A new modern take at the calendar. The UI design is both modern and simple at the same time.



This app uses three colors to provide the ultimate viewing experience.


Swing application

This is a concept music app. Here you will find some red, white and black. Colors that go well together. There is no clutter and the design is clean and fresh to look at.


target store app

The target store application is very simple and clean and is full of big images. This provides a simple yet productive use for the user.

Fantasy League App

Fantasy League App

Classic black and white with a lot of free space.


Airwala app

Another travel companion app with a typographic design. Clean, minimal and simple are the keywords here.

Outfit Of The Day

Outfit Of The Day app

The use of amazing icons and nice colors enables the images on the app to pop out and be prominent.


menuspring app

This application is aimed at food and eating out. A great addition in the list of 20 amazingly simple & minimal mobile UI designs.

Coffee App

coffe app

This application features a dark background and different shades of brown.


unvit app

This app has a lot of space and shapes and has different shades instead of colors.


Here are 20 amazingly simple & minimal mobile UI designs. Hope you find these designs inspirational.


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