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20 Best Business Card Design Trends 2016

Though this is the 21st century and 2016 is just around the corner business cards still hold their worth. You may not need one in this digital age but it is classy to have one. Have a couple in fact, you never know when you might need. one. They come in handy when you meet people. If you are an active businessman that goes out to attend dinners and conferences then you will want to keep your business card on you. You can easy hand it out to someone you want to keep in touch with. You could find a potential client at some random place and you might want the client to get in touch. For you to have a fancy and elegant card here are 20 best business card design trends 2016.


20) Plain White

Plain White

Plain white is elegant and sends a message plus it is just one of those things that neither gets old nor loses its grace. A black text on top and you are ready to go. The text will be clear and easy to read and the card as a whole looks great.


19) Typography


There is a ton that you can go with simple black and white text. Plus the combination of  these two colors is evergreen and never gets old. The color scheme makes that card easy to read and there is so much you can do with this duo.


18) Retro Look

Retro Look

An old retro look can be great if you are a designer or are in the entertainment business. It could be that you just want to show how fun your company is.


17) Solid Backgrounds

Solid Backgrounds

There is so much you can do with a solid background. All you need is  a creative mind or a great designer to help you get your idea on paper.


16) Monolinear


Bubble text was something cool but this is simply out of the park. Do something different with your card and show off your creative side.


15) Straight Lines

Straight Lines

Straights lines can add urgency and made text more prominent but lines can also help make your business card more attractive and eye catching. This is a unique business card trend 2016 to keep in mind.


14) Dual Tones

Dual Tones

Two tones of background or text can add character to your card but be very careful and clear about what you want. The more the colors the more the chances of things going wrong. Keep that in mind.


13) Solid Shapes

Solid Shapes

Depending on what your company does solid shapes can be a great addition to your business card, They can be used in many ways. It all depends on you. Shapes are flexible and can be arranged according to your needs. A fresh business card trend 2016.


12) White on Black

White on Black

White on black looks great and if you add a bit of texture to the black then it can feel great too.


11) Minimal Design

Minimal Design

You might think this is stupid but at times more can be less and at times you need to go slow in order to go fast. This proves my point.


10) Wooden Look

Wooden Look

Wooden look would be the business card trend 2016 for you to follow if your business was related to wood works.


9) Whitespace


It can be good to leave some room. As in this card there is plenty of whitespace.


8) Brand Logo

Brand Logo

If your brand if widely known then it would be a great idea to have a plain logo on one side of your business card. Just choose a good background color to compliment the logo. This is a business card design trend that you should look into.


7) Company Initials

Company Initials

Having a plain background with just your brand’s initials is a great idea too. It looks great on a plain card if planned right.


6) Folding Business Cards

Folding Business Cards

Cards that open up seem more formal and are fun to hand out. These give an executive look and feel.


5) Funky Images

Funky Images

Depending on the nature of your work having images on the back of your card could be a great option for you to consider.


4) Black and Yellow

Black and yellow

Black and Yellow is the modern day Black and White. Both these colors look great together.


3) Chocolate


We have noticed in the business card trends 2016 that Chocolate color has been used and there is no question why. If done properly it is a great color to play around with.


2) QR Code

QR Code

QR code is another new business card design trend that we have noticed. This allows you to save the contact information to your phone quickly and readily without you having to do it manually.


1) Huge Text

Huge Text

Another noticeable business card design trend is having your name in a huge font size on one side.
These were the  20 best business card design trends 2016. These will give you ideas to what you should be your next business card design. Knowing these trends will help you come up with a creative and attractive business card.

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