20 Biggest Logo Changes of 2015

We have seen many companies change their logos this year. We have covered many of these changes. While some of these changes were flashy and blingy some of them were minimal and subtle. Changes we did not notice at all. It takes a keen eye to notice such changes. People think that changing a logo is all great but it is an important step for a company. The brand want to change the logo but the new logo needs to be recognizable and needs to have an association with the brand. That is why so much thought goes into a logo design change. Here are some biggest logo changes of 2015.

These logos belong to big players in the market. Great minds work on their logos and special team of business creatives gather around to create the next best thing. A logo that people will remember, a logo that the customer will associate the brand with. A logo that screams the brand’s name and makes it easier to recall. Brands try to achieve top of the mind recognition with the customer so that it encourages impulse buying.

A logo is not something to be taken lightly. It has the power to make or break a brand. There have been some clever logo ideas in the past and some terrible ones that did not go through with the consumers and critics. Design critics have had their fair share of criticizing logos. Check out these corporate logo changes and decide for yourself whether the change was better or worse.

Best Western Logo Change

Best western logo change

Coors Light Logo Change

coors light logo before and after

Electrolux Logo Change

electrolux old and new logo

Emerald Logo Change

emerald logo change

Facebook Logo Change

facebook logo change

Google Logo Change

google logo change

Honest Tea Logo Change

honest tea old and new logo

IHOP Logo Change

IHOP logo change

KFC Logo Change

KFC logo before and after

Lenovo Logo Change

lenovo change logo

Logitech Logo Change

logitech logo evolution

MR. Coffee Logo Change

Mr coffee logo change

DailyMotion Logo Change

new dailymotion logo

Spotify Logo Change

spotify logo change

TransUnion Logo Change

Transunion logo change

UFC Logo Change

UFC logo change

Verizon Logo Change

Verizon Logo change
In this article we covered 20 Biggest Logo Changes of 2015. How many did you notice? Im sure you might have missed out a few of them but that is not your fault. They are designed to be subtle and go unnoticed.

Source: Business Insider

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