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20 Great and Not So Great Logo Designs 2015

We have seen a significant logo reveals and changes this year. We have been through the new Google logo design. The Olympics logo design fail and many others in the same category. But in essence what is a logo? And why do these brands seem to be so concerned about them? Logos are representations of a company. They can be plain text or an image. It could be anything from a tick to the golden arches. Now you must be thinking about McDonalds right? That is exactly what a logo is. It makes you recall a brand. It develops an association with a brand that stays in your mind and leaves a lasting imprint. Here we are going to talk about 20 great and not so great logo designs 2015.

We all know the old man from the KFC logo. It is funny that we do not know who that guy is. Well most of us don’t. Yet we still know what that logo stands for. The same can be said about other brands. So why do companies change their logos if they want to achieve top of mind recall in the customer’s mind. Well it is to make recall even better. A logo is not something you come up with overnight. A lot of thought and effort goes into designing a logo. A creative team comes up with the idea of what would fit the brand image and then a group of designers make the thing happen. The logo is tweaked again and again until no more can be done to make it better.

After this the logo goes live and people give feedback related to the logo and according the the brand itself and the response of the people the logo may or may not be altered further. There are also some changes that are so subtle that we do not feel the difference at all. Like the Facebook logo. You might not have noticed the change. You might want to give it another look.

20 great and not so great logo designs

These were the 20 great and not so great logo designs 2015. Hope this provided you an insight into the importance of a brand’s logo and what it is worth.

Source: designmantic

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