2016 is Predicted to be Hottest Year Ever Globally

According to a study and some analysis by the UK Met office 2016 is predicted to be hottest year ever globally. There has been a significant rise in global warning these past few years but scientists believe that in 2016 we will see global warming taken to the next level. Though firms are trying to go green and sustainable tech is being developed it seems that the damage done is irreversible and that our deeds have caught up to us at last. It was a long run but the time is here where we pay for our mistakes and our doings.  

2016 Predicted to be Hottest Year Ever Globally

It is a clear fact that what we do to nature in turn affects us in a major way. It could be direct or indirect but the consequences are there. We see them everyday and now more than ever. Yet scientists tell us that what we are seeing now is not the worst of things and that more is yet to come. According to Met there is a chance that the average global temperature in 2016 will be greater than that of 2015. This could be a dangerous phenomena indeed.

If this is true then this will mean melting of more ice cap. Less snow and increase in the water level. Which in turn can drown cities that are close to the sea. This increase in temperature can have a devastating impact on all of us. This can also mean extreme weather events that in turn means a greater risk of loss of life and property.

2016 is predicted to be hottest year ever globally and if this is true then there is pretty much nothing that we can do about it. We have harmed nature and now the tide is turning against us. This could be something disastrous.

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