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23 Amazing Resume Templates to Try – CV

A resume / CV is all your work history, your skills and your experiences on a single piece of paper. Some resumes are longer but they are usually of a single page. It compiles together what your worth in the market is. It is your first interaction with a company when you apply there. Here we will show you 23 amazing resume templates to try. These will help you improve your resume and make it unique and attractive. Having a strong CV is very important when it comes to getting the job you applied for.


Your first impression needs to be very good when applying for a job. That means you need to have an eye catching resume. Something that will attract the employer and stand out from the other candidates. Having a well-made resume shows that you are professional and are actually interested in getting the job. Some people have a lot of skills and experiences. They need to select what they want to show on their resume according to the company requirements. Clearly you cannot put a lot of content on a single piece of paper. You have to be very clever about what you put on the resume and what you choose to leave out. You can always make your own resume or have it made by a professional but this is the 21st century and you can get everything online to help you out. Here are 23 amazing resume templates to try out.


1) Swiss Style Resume

1 Swiss Style Resume

(PSD, InDesign, Illustrator Files)

2) Clean Elegant Resume

2 Clean Elegant Resume

(InDesign File)

3) Colorful Resume

3 Colorful Resume

(Photoshop File)

4) Elegant 3 Piece Resume Set

4 Elegant 3 Piece Resume Set

5) Clean & Bold Identity Resume

5 Clean _ Bold Identity Resume

(Photoshop File)

6) Professional Resume / CV

6 Professional Resume CV

(InDesign , Photoshop files)

7) Clean Resume

7 Clean Resume

(InDesign file)

8) Clean & minimalist  Infographic Resume

8 Clean _ minimalist Infographic Resume

(InDesign File)

9) Creative Resume with Vector Icons

9 Creative Resume with Vector Icons

(Photoshop file)

10) Modern Resume Template

10 Modern Resume Template

(Photoshop , Illustrator files)

11) Resumica Resume Set

11 Resumica Resume Set

(InDesign file)

12) Stylish Resume Set

12 Stylish Resume Set

(InDesign file)

13) Professional One-Page Template Resume

13 Professional One-Page Template Resume

(Photoshop file)

14) Clean and Professional Resume Template

14 Clean and Professional Resume Template

(InDesign , Photoshop , Illustrator files )

15) Graphic Designer Resume Template

15 Graphic Designer Resume Template

(InDesign file)

16) Stylish Resume

16 Stylish Resume

(InDesign , Photoshop files)

17) Simple and Clean Resume

17 Simple and Clean Resume

(Photoshop file)

18) Resume Set

18 Resume Set

(InDesign , Photoshop files)

19) Infographic Resume Template

19 Infographic Resume Template

(InDesign file, Photoshop file)

20) Clean Resume

20 Clean Resume

(Illustrator format)

21) Colorful Stripes Template Resume

21 Colorful Stripes Template Resume

(Illustrator file)

22) Blue Color Resume

22 Blue Color Resume

(Illustrator file)

23) Ready One Page Resume

23 Ready One Page Resume

(InDesign , Photoshop , Illustrator files)

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