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28 Different Free Font Types For Graphic Designers to Use

If you think about it fonts play a very important role in designing graphics. You can’t use the same font every single time in every project that you work on. That will make things redundant. So what you need is an arsenal of different, unique fonts to choose from. These fonts have to be different, catchy and appealing to look at. They also have to be pleasant to the eyes of the viewer. All this may sound a bit intimidating but it’s not. There are a ton of fonts to choose from. While some are free others are premium fonts and will set you back a bit of cash. But no worries we have compiled a list of unique fonts so you can mix it up every time you start a project. Here are 28 different free font types for graphic designers to use in their projects.

Having an arsenal of fonts is one thing but knowing which one to use when is another thing entirely. You need to know which font can be used where. Graphics designers are not confined to digital work. They also have projects that have to be printed or produced. You need to be sure that the font you are using will look the same on the screen as well as when it is printed for production.

Some fonts work best on screen while others are for printing only. The key is to know beforehand which is which. If you do not know this beforehand you will hand to make the changes later on when you realize that things have gone south. This is a mistake that new designers make. People with experience have faced this problem once or twice in their career and so they know what I am talking about and how big a problem this can be. Below are 28 different free font types for graphic designers to use day in and day out.

28) Ozneo Light Font

Ozneo Light Font

27) Dreamers Brush Font

Dreamers Brush Font

26) Charlevoix Free Typeface

Charlevoix Free Typeface

25) Relancer Display Font

Relancer Display Font

24) Hack

Hack font

23) Work-Sans

Work-Sans font

22) Bernier

Bernier font

21) Variane Script

Variane Script

20) ETNA


19) Yarin

Yarin free font

18) Aquatico


17) WalkOn


16) Benyo

Benyo font

15) Stellar

Stellar free font

14) Shumi

Shumi free font

13) Vagtur

Vagtur free font

12) Lombok

Lombok free font

11) Arkhip

Arkhip free font

10) Ailerons

Ailerons free font

9) Bellaboo

Bellaboo free font

8) Manifesto

Manifesto free font

7) Delicate

Delicate free font

6) Stilu

Stilu free font

5) Genome — Open Source Typeface

Genome Open Source Typeface

4) Authentic Ratatouille

Authentic Ratatouille

3) Arkhip Font

Arkhip Font

2) Nickainley Script – Free Font

Nickainley Script – Free Font

1) Aaram Free Font

Aaram Free Font

Here you go. These were the  28 different free font types for graphic designers to use when they are out of fonts. Hope this helps you out in one way or another. Until next time.

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