30 Great Google Fonts You Can Download Now

Fonts are great. They allow you to make cool new things and spice up your graphics. A graphic designer needs to have cool new fonts in his arsenal all the time. Otherwise all the designs look the same and fonts repeat themselves. That is not something you want to be remembered for. You need to have the latest fonts and you need to keep updating your assets. Here are 20 great Google fonts you can download now.

Why should you get these fonts? Well for one they are free. Free things are always in the budget and are always nice to have. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Plus you can never have too many fonts. I know people that have enormous libraries and drives on their laptops just for saving fonts they might use in the future. With great fonts you can express yourself better. Fonts add character and panache to a design.

Ask any designer you know and he or she will tell you that fonts are ignored and when they are you get chaos. You should never underestimate the power of a good font. It has the power to lighten up your design or give it a dark tone. It can make or break your design. It makes all the difference between a good design and a great one.

1) Playfair Display


2) Work Sans

2 work-sans-font-sample

3) Alegreya

3 alegreya-font-sample

4) Alegreya Sans

4 alegreya-sans-font-sample

5) Fira Sans

5 fira-sans-font-sample

6) Inconsolata

6 inconsolata-font-sample

7) Source Sans Pro

7 source-sans-pro-font-sample

8) Source Serif Pro

8 source-serif-pro-font-sample

9) Lora

9 lora-font-sample

10) Neuton

10 neuton-font-sample

11) Poppins

11 poppins-font-sample

12) Crimson Text

12 crimson-text-font-sample

13) Open Sans

13 open-sans-font-sample

14) Merriweather

14 merriweather-font-sample

15) Roboto

15 roboto-font-sample

16) Roboto Slab

16 roboto-slab-font-sample

17) Lato

17 lato-font-sample

18) Anonymous Pro

18 anonymous-pro-font-sample

19) Archivo Narrow

19 archivo-narrow-font-sample

20) Libre Baskerville

20 libre-baskerville-font-sample

21) Karla

21 karla-font-sample

22) Montserrat

22 montserrat-font-sample

23) Chivo

23 chivo-font-sample

24) Old Standard TT

24 old-standard-tt-font-sample

25) Domine

25 domine-font-sample

26) Varela Round

26 varela-round-font-sample

27) Bitter

27 bitter-font-sample

28) Cardo

28 cardo-font-sample

29) Arvo

29 arvo-font-sample

30) PT Serif

30 pt-serif-font-sample

In this article we share with you the 20 great Google fonts you can download now. Download them now for free. These fonts will bring new life to your design. Give them a sense of character. Change your fonts now and then and see the difference for yourself. It will leave you amazed how much a simple font change can affect your work. Take it from someone who has been doing this for some time now. Do not use that same old font over and over again.

Source: typewolf

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