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3D Printed Smart Doll-Future Home Appliance

Designer from Japan, Danny Choo has made a 3D. The smart doll is 3D printed and is capable of walking, talking and picking up things. Danny intends the smart doll to be a personal assistant and this could become true. The 3D printed smart doll can be controlled from your phone. Danny believes that this smart doll is a future home appliance.

1 3D Printed Smart Doll-Future Home Appliance

According to the designer the smart doll has artificial intelligence and can think for itself to a certain degree. The doll is very lifelike and the designer believes that it can be a game changer in the coming times. The skeleton and the complicated parts are made by the designing team while the outer shell is 3D printed. Danny is confident in his work and is working towards making a better version of the doll that will have even more functions.

2 3D Printed Smart Doll-Future Home Appliance

The price of the smart doll at this time is pretty high but the designers assures us that the quality and craftsmanship is of high quality. There are minor details that are very beautiful and add on to the quality of the doll. The attention to detail is amazing. While some of the customers are not pleased that the doll is now being produced in a larger side Danny is pleased and according to him a bigger doll has the potential to do more work. I think that he is right. From a technical point of view there is little that you can put into a small doll. With the larger size the features can also be increased.

3 3D Printed Smart Doll-Future Home Appliance

The idea of the 3D printed smart doll is new and innovative yet the claim that it will become a future home appliance cannot be guaranteed. It is just one of those things time will tell. We wish Danny the best of luck in his venture and future efforts.


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