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5 Myths About Creativity You Probably Believe

There are some things concerning creativity that we have heard so much that we believe them to be true. These myths have no truth to support them and are hollow. The only reason we choose to believe them is that we have heard them so many times. Here are 5 myth about creativity you probably believe.

Creativity Myths

1) Creativity comes from the right-brain

The idea that one side of the brain is dominant in an individual is not true at all. The brain is compartmentalized to a certain degree that does not mean that a certain side of your brain is dominant over the other. It can be said that there is no difference in most people and both function equally. The right functions as much as the left and both work in harmony. Creative thinking uses parts of both sides of the brain not just the right so what you thought to be true is actually wrong.


2) You need to brainstorm

You may have heard this one a lot. I know that I have. I have been told by teachers and bosses to brainstorm over a potential idea that could be a game changer. Having a meeting and jotting down ideas onto the whiteboard is not a good way of getting creative ideas. Sure in theory it may seem to be the best way to go but little do you know that theory and practicality are two very different things. You can be twice as productive when alone or working on a problem with no help at all.


3) Pressure breeds creativity

Pressure does not breed creativity it kills it. You won’t be creative under pressure, you will panic. Unless you are used to working under pressure this is a myth and has no facts to support it. It is well know that people tend to panic when under pressure of a deadline and that kills both creativity and productivity. Creativity depends on work environment and you need peace of mind to have creative thoughts.


4) Only [x] are truly creative

When we think of creativity we associate it with people like artists and writers. But creativity can be found in any field of life. Even the dullest fields of work such as finance and accounting can be associated with creativity. Every field needs a creative mind to drive it forward. An exceptional amount of creativity can be seen in the field of science.


5) It’s all about Eureka Moments

That is what people might think. It does not come when you least expect it to. A great idea can be thought of at any time if you choose to focus on the job and getting it done. You can work your way to generate a good concept. Great ideas do not just pop up out of the blue. They were already in your head but you didn’t know about them.

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