5 Reasons Why The Facebook Dislike Button Could Be a Bad Idea

Although previously Mark Zuckerberg said that he would not have a dislike button on Facebook it seems that he is giving people what they want now. We know that mark was against the idea of having a mark down button on Facebook but hundreds of people asked for it. Now he has announced that Facebook dislike button is being made. Here are 5 reason why the Facebook dislike button could be a bad idea.


dislike button

1) The Intentions Behind The Idea

According to Mark the Facebook dislike button will not be used to dislike something but for showing empathy. According to him having a single like button is too simple and that the users need more options. He is right about the fact that people do need more options but I am not really sure that a dislike button will be used to show empathy. I believe that people will not respect the intentions behind making the button and will go on a personal vendetta.


2) It’s Ambiguous

Tone is already hard to figure out in words. It’s fine if someone dislikes a post regarding a relative’s death but what if you posted your political views regarding something and someone dislikes that? What does the reader dislike? Why does he dislike it? It’s all very ambiguous and confusing.


3) It’s a Nightmare for Professional Writers

The number of views signifies how good the written content is. If you are a blogger that does social media marketing then people will have the option to dislike your posts. That way if a writer gets dislikes then traffic to his website will decrease dramatically. This is a good reason why the Facebook dislike button is a bad idea.


4) Facebook Abuse


Another reason why the Facebook dislike button is a bad idea is that it opens a gateway for people to abuse each other. We have seen this before on the internet and with the release of a dislike button this will increase to another level.


5) Reduction in Interaction

This will be another reason for reduction in day to day interaction we have with people. Why we cannot use words to show empathy or dislike is beyond me. Words are a powerful tool and the dislike button could just as well be another pain in the neck like emoji.

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