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5 Reasons Why Your Routine is Killing Your Creativity

Creativity demands new experiences as a source of inspiration and motivation. If you have a 9-5 routine and you pretty much do the same thing every day then it is most probable that in doing so you are killing your creativity. Where do you think creativity comes from? You might have a creative mind when you are younger but that diminishes as you grow up. This is because as we grow up we make a plan for our life and stick to it. Creativity needs deviation from that plan in order to survive. Here are 5 reasons why your routine is killing your creativity.


1) You’re not getting up early enough

1 You’re not getting up early enough

The common concept about creative people is that they are early risers. That is true in some cases but not all. All creative people are not the same. While some may feel that they get creative ideas early morning other may get them at night. So there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to waking up. Some creative minds stay up all night and sleep during the day and others do the exact opposite.


If you want to try an early rising routine and wake up at some ludicrous time, don’t do it. You will not get enough sleep. Your body and mind needs to rest and an optimal amount of sleep that is about 6 hours a day. Some need more and some need less. Sleep when you are naturally tired. This change in routine may be annoying for a few days but you will get used to it in time. When your body clock adjusts to your new routine it will all seem natural.


2) You think you’re too busy to take a break

Your mind needs to breathe too. Working all the time and not taking breaks can dull your mind. If you think you have been working for some time now then you should step away from the desk and take a breather.


Creative minds in the past would exercise their body regularly and have a good sleeping cycle so that they could perform at their best. Not having enough sleep or exercise can dull your mind and kill your creativity. A break doesn’t mean a 2 hour break. You just need to get your blood flowing.

3) Your deadlines are too rigid

3 Your deadlines are too rigid

Decide what your going to do with your day. Remember you do not have to follow the plan down to each and every second. Do stick to the plan whatever it is. Religiously follow the plan every day. If you plan to sleep late at night then don’t deviate from the plan. A lot of people find this very hard to do but this will help you in the long run. It allows your body clock to adjust to your routine. When you have a planned routine then you save energy on things that are less important and you gain more energy for more important decisions.


By setting up a time frame for each activity in the day your brain does not have to worry about what comes next. It already knows because you had planned it out earlier. Hence your brain has more energy for creative thinking. Having deadlines that are too rigid is one of the 5 reason why your routine is killing your creativity.


4) You’re setting 8 hour goals, not creative goals

In history we find that creative minds always kept themselves busy with one thing or the other. It may not be their greatest work of art but they kept doing something and never kept idle. For some people this was a compulsion as creativity does not help you economically or help pay the bills.


One thing that you cannot take out of your routine is socializing time. The time you spend with your friends and family are very important. It may seem to be a waste of time but in reality it relaxes the mind. The mind needs to relax in order to come up with fresh thoughts and to function properly from day to day.


5) You can’t afford to be flexible with your work environment

5 Reason Why Your Routine is Killing Your Creativity

Creative minds need the same kind of work environment before they can get down to doing their job. A comfortable chair, a proper table and that kind of stuff. There is no way a creative can be flexible when it come to the work environment. Charles Dickens would work in the early morning in complete silence. That is how he liked it. Like others he too realized the importance of socializing and kept doing his work in the morning so he could spend his afternoons with friends and family.


Here are the 5 reasons why your routine is killing your creativity. Why wait? Start your creative routine now.

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