5 Upcoming Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Injila Rasul, Contributor

Instagram is where we get our daily fix of quick content, well-curated themes, instant fashion, mood boards, slam poetry and so much more. Today we have put together a list of five instagram accounts, what makes them unique and why they should be on you radar.


He is a freelance illustrator and his style is remarkable and easily identified. He combines elements of surrealism into his illustrations and they present a unique blend of whimsical art rooted in reality but simultaneously other-worldly. The realism comes from the details in the artwork which are seamlessly married with the surreal concepts. This is art that is bold in it’s statement and original in it’s conception.



This account gives you the entire run down of how to bring together key pieces and style them with accessories. The reason why this particular account made the pick is the unconventional pairing that you see in their posts, the structured bags with flowy skirts. Great style certainly comes from great creativity.


He is a traveller and a photographer and uses drones to capture stunning areal shots. The compositions are beautiful and the colors are striking. His feed is a breathtaking view of his world through his lens. His colour palette is a distinctive mix of copper red tones and teal blue greys.



Linda is a make-up artist and Founder and CEO of LH Cosmetics. She is best known for her fearlessness when it comes to experimentation with new looks, techniques and color combinations. This is exactly why she is on our featured list today. It takes fearlessness to be creative. Her creations are works of art rather than an everyday forgettable makeup look. Her style is bold, colorful and playful.


Tom Kemp is an artist who works on pottery and hand-paints them. They have interesting scribbles to stunning and bold strokes of color under a glistening varnish, lending them a beautiful finish and a moody, abstract but powerful presence. The concept is simple, the execution exquisite and we absolutely love it!

Know of any Instagram accounts that we should add to our radar? let us know in the comments bellow!

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