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6 Ways of Staying Creative When Under a Ton of Pressure

Creative people usually work when they are calm and like their peace of mind but there will always come a time when you are under a ton of pressure. Times when you are at your deadline and you have nothing done yet. In these kinds of situations you need to keep your cool. Working at the eleventh hour is a difficult job to do. Here are 6 ways of staying creative when under a ton of pressure.

1 use your deadlines

Use Your Deadlines

Deadlines may seem horrible but you can use them to your advantage. Keep in mind that without planning and proper orientation nothing would ever get done. Deadlines need to be met in order to keep the work flow going. If you do not follow a strict deadline than it is most probable that you will deviate from your goal and not make it in time. Not following deadlines open doors to procrastination


On the other hand a bigger deadline can be ineffective. What you need to do is make smaller, goal oriented deadlines that you can follow on a daily or hourly basis. Keep in mind that deadlines are not the enemy. User smaller deadlines as part of a bigger project will help you organize your work and keep you on track. Smaller deadlines will reduce the stress and make the task doable.

Reduce Your Distractions

You do not want to be distracted when working. Focus is key when you want to complete tasks on time. Distractions can be a big nuisance. Avoid them at all costs. Distractions destroy the creative spirit and ruin productivity. You will get nothing done if you are distracted or if you have one eye on the clock. You know what distracts you the most so keep these things in mind and cut yourself off from them once you sit down to get the job done. When you are at your desk ready to get the job done you should be focused on your goal for the day and nothing else.


People can also be a source of distraction. At work it can be your coworkers and at home it can be your children that distract you. Be sure to control the environment when you are working. People should know when not to disturb you and when you are available for a chat.

Talk About It Constructively

Studies show that when under pressure of a deadline people would rather work alone than be in a group and talk about it. People find it easier to work alone in a closed off environment rather than working in a group and have other people influence the decisions that they make.


It has been proven that sitting down with a worker and having individual meetings is more constructive than having meetings in a group. Individual meeting lead to more creativity and productivity. This is a great way of staying creative when under a ton of pressure. Individual collaboration is a key factor and should not be ignored at any cost.

Give Yourself a Break

Working endlessly hour after hour does not enhance productivity or creativity, it destroys both. When you have been working for some time, you should put your work aside and have a short break to stretch your legs or walk it off. Take a quick coffee break or grab lunch every now and then. Your mind cannot cope with working nonstop. Moving away from the screen is not only good for your brain but also for your eyes too.


Having a walk at work can refresh your mind and be a source of new ideas and inspiration. Make it a habit to take a short break between your working hours. You need to be healthy in order to perform at your best.

Look For Inspiration

We all need inspiration and motivation to keep going in our lives. This does not only apply to work but all parts of life. We need to be inspired to keep going hour after hour, day after day. Inspiration generated great innovative ideas and increases productivity as inspired people tend to be more dedicated towards their work.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

What you need to do is cut yourself some slack now and then and realize that you are a human being and not a machine. There are only a finite about of tasks that you can complete in a day. No you are not superman and the world will not come to an end if you fail to do something. You must understand that you will learn from failures and will not make these mistakes again once you have realized where you went wrong. You are not perfect and when you try to do something that is perfect you will lose creativity.

6 cut yourself some slack

Here are the 6 ways of staying creative when under a ton of pressure. You can use them in your daily life to be more productive and creative when under pressure.


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