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8 Practical Ways to Enhance Your Productivity

We read all over the internet, how being healthy and active can help you be more productive. Yes that is true but there are other methods to increase productivity. Ways that are both practical and can be used by anyone on a day to day basis. Here are 8 practical ways to enhance your productivity.


8) Actually Plan Your Day

8 Actually plan your day- enhance productivity

Planning is key. You need to plan something beforehand in order to do it later. Planning is as important as implementing or controlling. We often forget the importance of planning and look where we are now? If we had planned well in advance you wouldn’t be sitting here would you? And I would not have to go through the trouble of writing this post. So, planning is very important and it is essential to enhance your productivity. Some people will tell you that multitasking can help in increasing productivity but that is far from true. When you are multitasking you do not focus on a single task and you will find that when multitasking you will often forget something that was important. Believe me when I say that multitasking is not your friend, not now, not ever.

7) Use Post-its

7 Use Post-its

Post-its or sticky notes can be very useful at times. You can write down a quick reminder or a goal that need to be achieved in the immediate future. This will save you a lot of time and help in increasing productivity. A bright colored sticky note is hard to miss and very engaging. You will not miss it.

6) Take Regular Breaks

5 Do some doodling1

Sitting in front of a screen as the hours pass by is not healthy nor is it productive. If you think doing so is increasing productivity you are wrong. Your brain need to reboot now and then. It is very important to have frequent breaks now and then. This will keep you fresh and keep your mind working. It does indeed enhance productivity and helps you stay on track longer. An all-nighter is never the answer.

5) Do Some Doodling

5 Do some doodling2

Take a quick break. Think of the weirdest thing you possibly can and then draw it on paper. This will help your mind stay on point. This way your mind will have a break from work but you will still be using it for creativity. Think out of the box and doodle something ridiculous.

4) Don’t let people drag you down

4 Don't let people drag you down

You can never please everyone with your work. There will always be that one person that does not approve of your or your work. Keep in mind that you are only human and that you are not supposed to satisfy everyone’s ego. Be around people that do appreciate you. You do not need negative energy surrounding you. You only need positive energy, the energy to keep you motivated to keep on going. Be in the company of people that encourage you and help to bring out the best in you. This is one of the great ways to enhance productivity.

3) Use time tracking

3 Use time tracking

This one is for all the procrastinators out there that spend more time thinking about the job rather than getting down to it. There are tons of time tracking apps that can help you track your time and see your productivity level for yourself. Be your own boss for a change and see what your shortcoming are and improve on them. There is always room for improvement and that improvement is only possible when you yourself see where you are lagging behind.

2) Give yourself rewards

5 Do some doodling

We are human being after all and we tend to work better when we know we will get a reward when we achieve a goal. After you complete something you should reward yourself. Not always something big, you can reward yourself with a cup of coffee or a bag of chips or even chocolate bar. Whatever floats your boat. Tracking your time can be a great way to boost productivity.

1) Put your pen away in a drawer

1 Put your pens away in a drawer

Be organized, you won’t get much done if your workspace is cluttered. You need to have a clean and tidy desk in order to know where your stuff is. This will enable you to save time and boost productivity.


These were the 8 Practical ways to enhance your productivity. These can be used day in and day out. All you have to do is follow them religiously and you will see your productivity level skyrocket. Surely you will get more work done than you ever did before.


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