8 TV Shows Proven to Make You a Better Human Being

TV shows and series have always created a huge hype. People follow many TV series at a time. I also do the same and watch numerous TV shows simultaneously. A recent study has proven that there are a few TV shows that actually make you a better person by watching them. This might sound weird but this has been researched and authenticated by scientists. This study was originally reported by the New York Magazine. Some of these TV shows have won awards while others will be a surprise for being on this list. Here is a list of 8 TV shows proven to make you a better human being.

1) Mad Men


Mad Men featured emotional repression in a time when being yourself and showing your true colors was not accepted by society. You had to abide by the ways that society imposed on you and you had very less freedom to express who you really were. This multiple award winning show is full of emotion, complexity and drama. Watching this show will make you a better human being.

2) The West Wing

the west wing

This political drama series has been given many awards and is loved by all. People may have different reasons for liking this TV series but the fact remains that everyone who has seen it loves it. The script is amazing as well as the dialogue delivery and the characters are truly lovable.

3) Lost

Lost tv series

Another amazing series featuring diverse characters of different origin under a paramount level of stress. This without a doubt will make you a better human being. The level of detail in the series is amazing and how the characters solve their never ending problems is very realistic. Lost gets you hooked and it’s hard to let go. You develop a relationship with the characters which is very important for any drama or TV series.


4) The Good Wife

The Good Wife

The good wife is a well known powerful drama TV series. It has amazing side characters as well as the main character pool to build up a sense of familiarity with the characters. The audience character relationship is made in the first few episodes and the first few season are absolutely a treat to watch. Plenty of things you can learn from the characters in this season.

5) Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

This season created a ton of hype and was viewed by millions of people around the world. I for one watched each episode religiously. The characters are amazing and this series show the transition a person goes through when he learns that he is dying. How someone cares about his loved one and is willing to do anything for them.

6) The Leftovers

the leftovers

The leftovers is a post apocalyptic tale and is so real that often people prefer to stay away from it. Some people even said that it was too sad to watch. This goes to show how much effort has gone into making this series and how close to reality it actually is.

7) The Americans

The Americans

The American is about what brings together a nuclear family. What glues together members of a family and keeps them from withering apart. With this show the audience is forced to look deep into the mind of the characters and differentiate between the real emotions and the fake ones.

8) BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

This is a animated comedy and it maybe hard to understand at first where the human element is in this one and what you could possibly learn from this series. Surprising as it may seem there is infact a human element to this series and there is a lot of things you can learn from this series if you pay attention to details.


This was the list of 8 TV shows proven to make you a better human being. Hope you watch these seasons if you have not already and get something to learn from them.

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