9 Celebrity Approved Hair Color Ideas For 2015

Choosing the right hair color has always been a difficult and tricky task. When you choose a hair color it is a commitment that you have to keep for some time. That is why people give it a lot of thought and research. We have compiled a list of trending hair colors that you can experiment with if you want. We have seen different celebrities try out these hair colors. Here are 9 celebrity approved hair color ideas for 2015


9) Bold Highlights


Hair color has always been something that people have been conscious about and it is something that you have to live with. Choosing a hair color is a commitment you have to stick with. When it comes to hair, strong streaks is a great idea that has been encouraged by L’Oreal. This is one trend you should look out for if you want to add some color to your hair. We have seen this look by Jennifer Garner.


8) Touch on Highlights


Adding color to some parts of your hair is also a good idea. You could choose coloring the roots or the end. What suits you. We have seen this look on Halle Berry this year who manages it well.


7) Golden Highlights


A trend that has come and gone and is back again. We have seen this look come and go a couple of times and this look has been worn by Jada Pinkett Smith.


6) Burgundy Highlights


If you have dark hair then this could be a great option for you. But it does also depend on your skin tone. This is best for people with darker skin tones. There is no harm in experimenting a bit.


5) Babylights


Having specific hair colored to depict the look of a young child that plays in the sun. This is a new look and we have seen it worn by Allison William. She looks great in this look and we recommend this style to other people to try out.


4) Softer Red


A shade of red here or there can add color to your hair. We have seen celebrities who have pulled off this look in the past and more are trying this look. Amy Adams happens to be one of those people.


3) Deep Brown


If you have a lot of pink when it comes to your skin color or you are slightly dark tones then this could be the hair color for you. Deep Brown is at number four on the list of 9 celebrity approved hair color ideas for 2015.


3)  Cool Cast

cool cast-ginnifer-goodwin

One of the most trending and cool colors out there is silver. Many stars have tried out this color and have worn it with grace. One of these people is Ginnifer Goodwin from Once Upon A Time.


1) Shades of Blue

shades of blue demi lovato

Just like Red Blue is cool color to mess around with. We have seen this look on younger star like Demi Lovato.


These were the 9 celebrity approved hair color ideas for 2015 that we wanted to share with you. Hope they provide you with an insight of which color to choose this year.

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