A Single Footwear Solution for All Walks of Life

How many kinds of shoes do you need to get past the day? You need your formal shoes for the office. You need your running shoes for work outs. Then you have your casual slip-ons for walking around the house. If you are a trekking then you have your climbing shoes. If you play squash you have your gum sole shoes. You need to store all these pairs of shoes and it is chaos when you are traveling and have to choose between which ones to pack and which ones to leave behind. Enough of all that, now there is a single footwear solution for all walks of life.

A Single Footwear Solution

Yes you are not mistaken, you read that perfectly right. There is a new product called Shooz, designed in Italy to replace all your shoes. This presents a solution to your shoes problem. The idea is very simple. You have a modular shoe and you can mix and match the sole and the upper portion of the shoe according to the occasion. You sip up both parts together and that is it. You have your running shoes, your formal shoes and your casual shoes all in one. The idea is very simple yet extremely effective.

Another great thing about this solution is that it does not take a lot of space. You can pack it up into a pocket of your backpack easily. Now you do not have to make a choice when you pack your shoes. You can take them all with this cool new footwear solution. You can mix and match and come up with your own personal style. No need to follow fashion when you can create your own unique style with Shooz. These Shoes are light, easy to wash and the zips are waterproof so you do not have to worry about a thing.

A Single Footwear Solution

3 Footwear 4 Footwear Solution for All the Walks of Life

5 A Single Footwear Solution for All the Walks of Life

This was all about Shooz; a single footwear solution for all the walks of life. With this new solution you can save time and space when on the move. This product is simple and very effective to use.

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