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Absolut Vodka and Marvel United Bottle Concepts

Absolut is one of the most well-known vodka brands in the world. They come up with all kinds of amazing bottle covers and packaging. We have seen their fruit infusion designs but not there is an amazing new concept that concerns our favorite superheroes. Imagine having your favorite superhero on your bottle of Absolut Vodka. What if you could identify your favorite flavor of Absolut Vodka by the superhero in the bottle? Well in this article we cover Absolut Vodka and Marvel united bottle concepts. A talented designer came up with these concepts and they are just amazing.


The glass bottles look amazing. The artwork on the bottles is simple and yet very distinct. You can tell which hero is which. This is something for the superhero fans around the world to enjoy and cherish. Plus you can always keep it with you as a reminder or you could go all out and collect them all. There is a superhero here for everyone. I think this is a great idea and that it can be a very successful marketing campaign. Absolut Vodka should use this idea.

Absolut Vodka and Marvel United Bottle Concepts

This new cover style will appeal to even more people and it is more appealing than the traditional fruit covers they had before. The creative designer has come up with something creative that we want to become a reality. Something like this should not be wasted or ignored. It is not every day that someone comes up with an idea like this one.

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In this article we covered Absolut Vodka and Marvel united bottle concepts. This is an amazing, fresh idea that is attractive and appealing. This will bring out another side of the brand and we expect this to implement on the actual product in the near future. Hope Absolut Vodka uses this great idea.

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