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Adidas and Parley 3D Printed Shoe Made From Plastic Waste

Everyday firms are coming up with creative and innovative ways of saving the environment and providing sustainable living solutions for everyone. Corporate social responsibility is a huge factor in brand image and brand building. It provides another image of the company in the eyes if the consumer. Some consumers like companies that take care of the environment. Talking about sustainable materials here is the Adidas and Parley 3D printed shoe made from plastic waste.

adidas-parley-3D-printed-ocean-plastic-shoe design

Adidas team took some time out and spent some time with the Parley team. They took their time and learned about the wastes in water. Especially plastic materials. What they did was collect that material and come up with a sole that can be created from the plastic waste. The 3D printed shoe was shown off by Adidas at a recent event. Working together Parley and Adidas were able to pull this off. This shows that there is a green and sustainable way of doing things. Similar outcomes can be met while saving the environment. This degree of corporate social responsibility is amazing.

With all the companies following the same practices there can be hope for us yet. We can look forward to a clean sustainable future for the coming generations to live in. There are firms that take corporate social responsibility seriously and we are glad that Adidas happens to be one of those firms. It is good to see a firm working towards the betterment of the environment because it is indirectly helping us. What we do to the environment in turn effects us in a huge way. This is what short-sighted people and firms do not realize until it is too late. 


This was all about the Adidas and Parley 3D printed shoe made from plastic waste. This proves that destroying the environment is a choice and that there are ways of meeting ends while protecting nature.

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