Adobe’s Project Comet a New Tool is Aiming to Change UX Forever

At Adobe’s event, Adobe Max, the company revealed the new revolutionary tool they are working on, Project Comet. Though this is not a final product and is still being worked on Adobe did mention it at the event. People are talking about it all over the internet especially people that are concerned with web design. Adobe’s Project Comet will change UX forever.

The tool is currently being developed by Adobe and when it is complete it will come out with a new creative cloud desktop application as well as a mobile companion app. This being said people are very excited about the upcoming software and features that Project Comet will bring and all the things it will enable them to do differently with this UX tool.

Adobe Project Comet UX tool

According to Adobe’s marketing manager of the creative cloud products, the tool merges visual design, wireframing, previewing and prototyping into one. This will therefore be an all in one solution to all these functions. According to him comet will be able to handle large and complex projects and will be reliable as well as smooth to use. Adobe’s Project Comet will change UX forever.

If Adobe can deliver what it is promising then this could be a game changer in UX. This tool can help the UX community around the world in more ways than you can imagine. Making their lives easier being the most obvious one. People will no longer have to design mockups for their projects and then export these files to other softwares in order to wireframe them. The idea is to provide a solution in one single tool or software. Through this Adobe will help designers save time and effort and will make things easier to learn for people who have entered into designing and are relatively new to it.


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