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Affinity Photo Has Got Photoshop on its Toes – Serif vs Adobe

For years Photoshop has been the photo editing software everyone used. From graphic designers to photographers, Photoshop was the answer to all their prayers. But now there seems to be a new kid around the block that has Photoshop on its toes and on the run. Affinity Photo, a new graphic editing software has come out this summer and it seems to be a competitor for Photoshop. It seems that the newcomer has already caused a bit of a stir in the photo software world. It has taken the editor’s choice slot on multiple occasions and has become one of the important features in the App store for Mac. It also has earned a five star rating there by the users of the editing software.

affinity photo vs adobe photoshop

The software is meant for graphic design professionals, artists and photographers and is available for a free trial period. The trial period is not a demo with limited features but a full trial that includes all imports, filters, features, exporters and tools. This for sure is to bring all the people fed up with Photoshop onto Affinity photo. After the trial period is over you can purchase the full software which will cost you $49.99. With the purchase of the full version you also get 2 years of updates. All those that use Photoshop know that this is much cheaper. Maybe that is the way it will give Photoshop a tough time in the market.

1 affinity photo

From the reviews that the graphics design software has got, it seems that Affinity Photo is indeed a good alternative to Photoshop and that it does have the potential to meet the expectations of the users. Serif, the company behind Affinity Photo has been in the business since 1987, so it would be safe to say that they know how to make a mark.

2 affinity photo

All this means that Photoshop is now not the only software people will look to when they want to edit their pictures or alter graphics. Now there is a rival for Photoshop out there that is gathering steam and doing it fast. The creator of the software, Serif has taken a huge step towards rivaling Photoshop and it does seem to be working for the newly launched graphic editing software. Now we have to wait and see what effect all this will have on Photoshop and how Adobe will react to all this.

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