All New 3D Opera Logo 2015 – Opera Unveils and Brand

We all remember that the O in Opera used to be oval but now they have ditched that look and have gone for a more modern circular 3D look. I must say that the new look does look good. The circle represents that Opera is a portal leading to the internet. It is a very good idea indeed. The new 3D Opera logo 2015 – Opera Rebrands their logo. New Logo is strong and clean. It is safe to say that the new look is strong and is way better than the old one. Though it might take time for people to get used to.

opera new logo

Not only did the company come up with a new logo but they also have rebranded themselves. They have changed the company name from Opera Software to just plain and simple Opera. This is a clever move and makes things easier. The name is already associated with the Opera browser hence it created a stronger brand identity and recollection. Anti Worked on the visual designs and DixonBaxi has been working on the company identity and branding.

new opera 3D logo 2015

1 new 3D opera logo 2015

The basic idea of the 3D O in the name Opera is to show a portal to new experiences, new searches and exploring new things. The logo is meant to show what the company stands for and what its products signify. The designer Jon Hicks approves of this logo in his recent tweet that has been shown below. He has shown his approval and has mentioned how this new logo is a great improvement.


Designer Jay George also commented on the new 3D Opera logo 2015 in his tweet.

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