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Amazing Book That Showcases Stunning Star Wars Art

There is no doubt in the world that there is a huge fan following of Star Wars. Every year people show up at comic con dressed up as Star Wars characters. Now though, there is an amazing book that showcases stunning Star Wars art.

1 Amazing Book That Showcases Stunning Star Wars Art.

Stunning Star Wars art, amazing book you seek yes? That’s how Yoda would have said it and yes you do want to have one of these art books. That is exactly what you will find this this book. It is a must have for all those Star Wars fans out there. The book The Art of Film: Star Wars special is made by big names like ImagineFX, Creative Bloq and 3D World. This is a 180 pages long book that consists of stunning Star Wars art. The graphics are made to perfection and there are posters, portraits, concepts art inside the book. The book features images inspired from all the movies of Star Wars till today.


Not only is the book’s beautiful from the inside it also has a variety of different covers that you can get. The amazing book is available in full color and there is also a limited edition gold foil version along with a hardcover copy of the book.

Secure your limited edition hardback here

Standard edition available here

May the force be with you on this one. Get your own collector’s edition version while they are still available. Be warned there are only a limited number of copied left.

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