Android Studio 2.0 Preview Provides Speed & New Features

Good news for developers. Remember when you had to do a ton of work when you had to make those tiny changes. It was a pain in the neck but not anymore. The new Android Studio 2.0 preview provides speed & new features. Now you can make those small changes in a matter of minutes and you can spend the rest of the afternoon doing something better with your precious time. With the new Android Studio you can do your work faster, the build speed has increased dramatically and there are cool new features that were not there before. As a whole the new update is 2x-2.5x faster than the previous one.
android studio 2.0

Instant Run

Instant run enables you to move your app builds to an emulator or a connected phone seamlessly. This feature was not present before and will make things much more convenient and smoother. You can check out more about this feature at the Android project tools site.


GPU Profiler

Another great feature that this upgrade has brought about is the GPU profiler. This will allow you to examine OpenGL ES execution more closely. Get up close and personal with GPU profiler. This will help you find the mistakes that you have made and detect any issues concerning rendering. This is not something that you get pre-installed and you will have to download it separately.


Other Features

The Google emulator was slow but now you can use other emulators to test your work. Microsoft has come up with its own emulator that is faster than any hardware that is available right now. The user interface has also been changed and it is now easier and faster to perform simple tasks that you will be doing on a daily basis.

Android Studio 2.0 preview provides speed & new features. Make use of this power and make your life better. This will enable you to do things faster and more efficiently.

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