Apple’s Electric Car Will Expand the Industry

It is no secret that Apple has been working on an electric car for some time now and though we do not know of any concepts or prototypes of the car there is a rumor that the company is considering all options that it can exploit. According to Elon Musk Apple’s electric car will expand the industry. There are already a few companies in the electric car market. Companies like Tesla. According to Musk it is good to have competition in the electric car business as it will help expand and grow the industry.


Let it be noted that Apple has made no such announcement and is keeping things in the dark for now. But as Musk states the obvious that it is hard to hide your tracks when you are as big as Apple. Apple is like an Elephant and it is hard to keep their work in the shadows from the rest of the world. The Financial TImes has  already reported that Apple has been hiring automobile experts to work on a secret project. Now you have a secret projects that involves automobile experts then it is not very difficult to put together the puzzle even if you are twelve.


Surely Musk is right that competition is good and Apple’s electric car will expand the industry but keeping in mind that the company is keeping things in the dark for now it is safe to say that Tesla has a few years to establish themselves better before Apple introduces something of their own. We have seen revolutionary work in the car industry these few years. There has been plenty of work in the hybrid technology and we have seen some great concepts as well. Apple’s electric car could be another addition to this list. All we can do now is wait and see what they come up with. 

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