Behance Rivals Squarespace as New Portfolio Tool

Backed by Behance Adobe is working on a portfolio design solution that will allow designers to create their online website portfolio like never before. This tool will allow Designers to create their portfolios easily and readily without needing any coding knowledge at all. With this upcoming development Adobe Rivals Squarespace as new portfolio tool. Adobe intents to change and revolutionize the way designs create and maintain their online portfolios.


Allowing designers to create online portfolios with no knowledge of coding at all is a very impressive move by Adobe. Among other announcements made at Adobe Max this is one of the most exciting ones. This is great news for designers all over the world who rely on online portfolios to share their work with the world and get employment opportunities. This service will be available to all users of creative cloud.

Adobe Rivals Squarespace as New Portfolio Tool

Though there are other sites that are offering these kind of services. Squarespace for example offers similar options. There are a couple of advantages Adobe has over these service providers. First off all Behance is backing Adobe on this venture. This means that not only will designers be able to design their online portfolios they will also be able to connect their site to Behance project pages. This will prove to be a huge edge for Adobe. The other advantage it integration with Adobe creative cloud.


Nothing is sure at the moment because this is something that is not out yet. Adobe Rivals Squarespace as new portfolio tool but we have yet to see what will be the final outcome of Adobe and Behance collaboration on this new portfolio tool. All we can do now is wait and see what Adobe and Behance come up with together. We wish Adobe and Behance all the best with this venture

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