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The 30 Best Infographics You Will See in 2015

Every picture has something to say. What exactly a picture means is never certain, it depends on who the viewer is and what he associates with the image. One simple image could have a hundred different meanings if shown to different people. Similarly a creative mix of images and words can explain a story or convey a message. Although some infographics may seem to be very simple but it takes a lot of planning to make an effective image.

Best Infographics of 2015


1) What happens after you have had a can of coke?

what happens after having a can of coke

Coke is now a staple at our dinner table and a meal is incomplete without it. We have it at get-togethers, all nighters and parties but before you reach for your next can of coke check out this infographic by renegade pharmacist which explains what exactly happens to you during the course of the next sixty minutes after you have had a can of coke.

2) 15 rules of visual hierarchy

15 golden principles of visual hierarchy

Designmantic has made his infographic to help apply visual hierarchy in data and to reduce noise. It showcases how to keep the audience attentive and engaged so that they focus on exactly what you want them to.


3) 18 rules for using text

18 rules for using text

The Visual Communication Guy proposes a guide for designers in order to help them use text. The guide consists of 18 rules that will help designers working with text.


4) How to design the perfect logo


If you are a designer and need some insights regarding how to make the perfect logo then this can be of some great help. This  logo design graphic that can be found on shows you exactly how to make a logo that is a work of absolute perfection.


5) The 10 commandments of user interface design

The 10 commandments of user interface design

This is no doubt one of the very best infographic you will come across that concerns user interface design. have come up with this infographic to get your website in order.


6) The great big list of infographic ideas


This infographic from InfoBrandz explains how to make some of the  best infographics around. This is something that can be very helpful and can prove to be of great use.


7) What font is best for you?


This infographic goes to great lengths to help you determine which font would work best for you. Made by media works and Cartridge Discount this infographic takes you on a history ride of fonts in the past and also gives you insights regarding what is to come in the future. This is extremely helpful for graphic designers and web developers who work with text and fonts all day long. Look into this infographic and see what awaits, for you to discover.


8) The Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe

We all love superheroes and secretly wish we had some kind of powers of our own. With the release of avengers 2 recently we are all in love with the team led by Captain America. This amazing infographic from Sam Gilbey gives specific information regarding each of the heroes on the team. The infographic gives details about the powers of the heroes and compares the statistics of their movies separately. The image also stated Oscar nominations and release dates which have passed by now.


9) Fume leads to death

fumes lead to death


we all have seen the terrible anti-smoking campaigns that showcase horrifying images of people with some sort of cancer or the other. This is another approach towards the same goal and it is much more graceful.  Heng Chun Liow has shown the effects of smoking beautifully and very simply with words and numbers. It goes to show that at time less is in fact more.


10) Superman costume changes

Superman costume changes

The new superman movie recently came out and celebrating just that  Imbong Hadisoebroto has created this infographic to showcase the changes made to the superman costume over the years. The image shows the transformation of the suite from 1934 till now. This is definitely a treat for all those man of steel fans out there.


11) Imaginary Factory

Imaginary Factory

With instructions like these you won’t be needing a manual any time soon. Jing Zhang has come up with a series of cute graphics like this one. The idea is that a clan of elves work inside our digital gadgets in order to make them work. According to her art, these elves are responsible for our seamless connectivity with the world. These images include instructions for phones, tablets and other gadgets people use on a daily basis.


12) 200 Super powers

200 Super powers

This infographic features 75 years worth of comic material. It includes powers of 600 superheroes and villains. It could indeed be called the “periodic table of the supernatural” if not some cooler name. It is a complete database of the powers the superheroes and super villains of the comics had. This is indeed a very special and impressive compilation and the artist has put a lot of work and dedication into it in order to make it so.

13) Zhi Liang

Zhi Liang

This infographic is actually a designer’s resume which shows the skill set the designer possesses and where and how someone can get in touch. The ideas is not to over complicate things and to keep it simple but at the same time get the message across. The resume is engaging and definitely keeps the viewer focused for a few moments at the very least.


14) Feltron Annual Report

Nicholas Feltron is best known for his graphics on facebook but since 2005 the designer has been up to something a little more personal. He publishes an infographic once a year that is simply mind boggling and consists of all the work he has done over the course of 12 months.


15) Fonts & Colors


Tastyplacement, an internet marketing and design company has made this amazing infographic that tells us about different colors and fonts companies around the world use. The infographic is focused on the top most leading companies from around the world. Companies that we are well acquainted with and buy from every now and then.


16) Serif vs Sans


This is a serif and sans guide infographic that will help you decide which one of the two to use in your next upcoming project or post. It provides aspects to the fonts that you may not have known. The essence of all this is that you should use Sans if your work is online and you ought to use Serif if you intend to print your work.


17) Wind map


This infographic is in reality a map of the wind flows in the United States Of America. It is an animated map and you can see the wind move in regions of USA. There is also a map key so you know what it is you are seeing. This makes it easy for anyone to look into the map and see what it shows.


18) Facebook: Supercharging your apps


This infographic designed by James Hollingworth explains how Facebook has helped web applications grow. It explains the vital role of facebook in maturing the applications. Being on the worlds biggest social media platform can give you a huge boost. It not only gives you an audience boost but also reviews and feedback which is very valuable to firms and enterprises.


19) Evolution of the F1 car


This animated infographic is an amazing one. It summarizes the 62 years history and evolution of Formula one into a single one minute long video. The designer has very carefully and artistically showed us the long years formula one has gone through in such a short video.


20) Olympic swimming 2012

Olympic swimming 2012

This infographic by  CREAX – features different statistics of the participants of the Olympic swimming of 2012. It also showcases what each participant would be wearing on the event. The graphic shows some guideline on how to perform better in the pool and what happens to the body when an athlete is swimming.


21) Home is where the internet is

Home is where the internet is

This infographic shows how much social media has become integrated in our life and the fact that we cannot make do without it. Social media plays a vital part in our daily life now and has become so important that we tend to share everything with the world over it. This infographic is a great reminder of just that.


22) The growth of green technology

The growth of green technology

The World Bank shows us what would be the result of living life as we are now and the advantages of shifting the way we live to a more environment friendly style and go green. The infographic shows in great detail the advantages of having a greener lifestyle and that going green is the way to go.


23) Credit cards go social

Credit card companies are trying to get more exposure by being present on the internet and they have moved to advertising on the social media. You can see adverts of credit card companies when you log into Facebook and other social media platforms. Card hub helps us understand why.


24) Rank for your name in Google

Rank for your name in Google

If you want to get ranked on search engines like google, one of the things you could do is start a website to promote yourself. But then again you would be better off if you had a simple Facebook page. If you are worried about such a thing then look no further  Search Engine Land has answered your prayer with this infographic.


25) The 10 things we fear and love about BYOD

The 10 things we fear and love about BYOD

BYOD also known as bring your own device has turned into a global phenomena and has changed the way people work today. This brilliant infographic sheds light on the things people love and hate about this new trending mode of getting things done.


26) The current state of social networks

The current state of social networks

Ignite Social Media gives facts and statistics of different social media platforms in this infographics and compared them with one another. Also it shows that twitter has the strongest growth rate out of all the available social media platforms out there.

27) How Google works

how google works

This infographic explains exactly what happens behind the scenes and the processes google does when you put some new content out there on the web.


28) A history of app stores: Store Wars


This infographic is a comparison between the different app stores owned by different companies at different points of time.


30) The life & career of an average designer

life of an average designer

This infographic explains the scope of being a designer and whether a designer should work at a studio or freelance.

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