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The 8 Best Tools For Graphic Designers To Have in 2016

A designer needs a ton of assets to make something creative and different each time. Without those assets everything would look the same and the designs would lose their charm. That is why every designer has a ton of assets stored up in their hard drives all the time. These are asset libraries that can be accessed any time. The designer’s arsenal needs to be well equipped at all times. Here are the 8 best tools for graphic designers to have in 2016


1) Graphic Tools:

Graphic tools are of the greatest significance. A designer needs to make great looking graphics and these are the tools that will help you on the road to great graphics.




With this tool you can make great graphics. This is a simple tool but it can make some quality vector graphics that you need day in and day out. The interface is very friendly too. So it is a win-win.


Affinity photo


Released earlier this year, this is a tool that rivals Adobe Photoshop and it is in fact a great designing tool. Something you should check out if you are annoyed of Photoshop.




An open source software with which you can edit your photos with ease. The interface is great and it is easy to get used to even for beginners. One of the 8 great tools for designers to have.

2) Typography

Typography can be a great way to make content more attractive and eye catching. It is something that requires a creative touch but with these tools it can be very easy.




This tool is available on Apple devices. If you like typefaces than this is a tool you will love. Check out all the cool fonts with this app. This is one of the best tools for graphic designers to have.



Use this app to install a variety of fonts to your Apple devices. This is something you need to have if you work on the go.




Another tool that you use on your phone. You can add and edit fonts on your pictures and add different filters and effects to make them stand out.




This is a library for fonts. You can subscribe and get thousands of different fonts to use.


3) Automatic design and coding

Do not know how to code? No problem. These tools will do all the work for you.



This tool will provide you with a number of templates. It will also do the coding for you so that you do not have to go through the hassle. Great for website work.




This tool allows you to create simple and minimal websites that are responsive. A great tool to have with you. This is one of the best tools for graphic designers to have.




Bootstrap helps you develop fonts easily and quickly. It can be used with devices of all sizes and it a good tool to know your way around font development.


4) Color Palettes

This is the main thing that determines the success or failure of a design. Choosing color palettes is trickier than it seems.



With this tool you can create colors and choose color schemes to use in your designs. A simple and easy tool for all designers to have.



Upload a picture and this tool will generate color schemes from the picture. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal. One that will make your life easier.

5) Web based browser testing


There are a number of different web browsers out there these days and designers need to make sure that their site design displays the same on all the browsers.

Browser stack


With this tool you can quickly check if your site is compatible with all the browsers out there. Do all this with a click of a button.

Cross browser testing


Another tool that checks browser compatibility. One of the tools every designer needs to have.


6) Online Coding Test

Designers need to check whether or not their code works cross platform. There are so many platforms for applications that this can be something very hard to do manually.


Code pen


One of the tools that you can use in order to check if your code works across platforms. Save yourself time and effort with this tool. This is a must have tool for designers.




Test your code on HTML, Java and CSS with this tool.


Write code online


Another great tool to test your code online. Test whether or not your code works cross platform online with this tool.


7) Online design inspiration

Designers are always on the lookout for inspirational designs to make their work even better here are examples of such inspirational tools.




A place where designers share their creations and other people provide feedback on their designs. Great place for new ideas and inspiration.


Design inspiration


This site has designs created by people from all over the world. This is a must visit site for designers that want new inspiration and ideas. Make this site your go to place for new ideas.




A great tool for designers to get live templates. This allows designer to take live images and see how well devices work.


8) Web based icons Finder

Icons are an integral part of a designer’s work and here are the tools that will help you out with icons.




As the name states for itself this tool can be used to find cool icons for your projects. You can also contribute to the website with your own design and earn from that.




Another site where designers and creatives can find icons to use in their work. The icons here are free.


These were the the 8 best tools for a designer’s arsenal. All these tools are simple and easy to use and will make your life better and easier. Make use of all these great tools.

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